Hello from UK

Hi, I'm Stu and from England. It's nice to be here.

I work in agriculture, horticulture and a bit of semi pro drumming when I get the chance. Not done a gig for over a year now due to Covid. My hobbies are playing and listening to music, growing things, gardening, making things and diy (home diy and diy audio).

My system is mostly diy and I am very much of a less is more and old fashioned kind of guy when it comes to hifi. I use CD and vinyl and a bit of streaming through the Amazon firestick in the back of my TV. My CDP has been very heavily modified by me. I made a six channel integrated amp with passive pre section (just source selector & volume control) and remote psu (six separate power supplies).

My speakers are home made and a bit unusual. They are a bipole design with up and down firing mid bass and a separate tweeter pod on top which houses four fabric dome tweeters. The mid bass are run wide open (no filters) and are doped to attenuate the higher frequencies and smooth out cone break up. The tweeters have their first order (single capacitor) high pass filters done passively at line level in the input stage of their respective amplifier boards. So nothing but wire between each of my six amplifiers and the speaker drivers. No dsp or any of that new devilry.

Nothing is finished so I have no pictures of lovely looking gear, only pics of prototypes. Speakers have passed the design stage so just need the final version building. I am building all my electronics in to some wooden furniture a bit like a sideboard so a bit like a music centre with detached speakers (if that makes sense).

More to come....


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Welcome. And I bet I speak for most of the rest here, I don't care if the pictures are pretty, I'd still like to see the prototypes.
Thanks for the welcome.

I will start with my CDP. A much modified Naim CD3.5 I bought new in 1997 and still going strong on the original laser 24 tears later. I added three power supplies just for the dac, improved the regulators, added a fancy clock with dedicated psu and bypassed the anolog6e output stage (the dac chip allows this). As you can see it's not finished, the psu's are going completely remote at the bottom of the housing I am going to make.

Pic of my preamp. It's just silver wire and two resistors per channel to make a couple of potential dividers in shunt configuration. That's it. I can't change the volume but it is the ultimate in purity. It's just tacked on the end of my CD player for now. I will make a stepped attenuator eventually but the lack of switches is quite addictive.

I disconnected the signal earth to safety earth connection (green/ yellow wire) which is a bit naughty but wanted to see if there was a difference from having it fully floating.