Here is the start of Negatron 2 HT

Today we made the first bit of progress in our Home Theater... we got our electric stage curtains installed, and 2 rows of French cleat which will hold my 5 height channels, conceal wires, and also hold absorption panels. I have no panels yet so for the time being I made some clamps to hold my speakers wires when I get them installed. I used electrical conduit clamps, and attached them to the walls with 3m double faced tape. I hope to get the rest of the wiring run Sunday, and hopefully get the wood I need to hang the 5 JBLs this next week. The pic I have tonight are only with the curtains open, and you can see the French cleats, but it is very hard to see our TV. Lol. The room is 19' 7" x 40' with a Boveda ceiling that peaks at 32' high. The room has a 2nd floor loft, and also includes the dining room, and kitchen...hence the 40' length (I know it violates the rules for a room with a room wall being decided by another, but it is off by a few inches...not sure if that is enough ). The front wall is glass door 10' except for the area behind the curtains when they are open. Walls are about 1' thick clay, and concrete...same as the ceiling. Floors are Cantera black lava stone with so far only one wool rug. Hopefully in the next couple of months I will get my 4 Belle Bass bins, and my B&O amp as built. I will use these as my front 3 channels until I get the Klipsch K402 Synergy style horns made. I have one authentic k402 we will use to clone 2 more, and then mod them as synergy horns...unless I get anxious and decide to mod the authentic one before we make the clones.

I am planning on making absorption panels 2 rows around the room, plus first reflection panels below the 2 rows. In Will not be going any high than that on sound panels as I do not want to detour from the aesthetics of the room. I will most likely make the panels under the curtains black...not sure what got do on the other panels. The room will eventually also have a 195" diagonal 2.4 screen with a Panamorph Anamorphic lens and a 4k or 4k shift projector.
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In the pics You can see on he left wall my one speaker wire sagging, and the other end of it hanging down to the right of the curtain.