Hi all!

New here, recommended to join by a few AK friends.

I've been an audio fan since I was a kid. I remember seeing the Beatles first U.S. appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, and was hooked! Attended many dozens of concerts back in the day, lots of clubbing in NYC in the late 70'-through the 80's.
Grew up with JVC gear, and have an affinity to it to this day.

Amplification is mostly Hi-End JVC pieces. M-7050 power amplifier (3 of them, one is for parts), P-L10 pre amp, A-X5 & 9 Integrateds, and a SEA-80 EQ. Onkyo A-8190 Integrated amp & DX-5500CD player. Also a McIntoch C34V pre amp, and Scott LK-72 Brown face I restored. Marantz CD-72U
Speaker line up: AR3 (2 sets restored), AR LST-2, AR-12's, ADS 910, L980, JBL L200, 4301b, KLH Six's & Fives, DCM Time Windows, Vienna Acoustics Mozarts, a Def Tec Supercube II, Magnepan SMG-restored.
I love restoring speakers and love working with the wood veneer. Most of mine I've restored.

Music, Lots of modern stuff, Funk, Blues, New Wave from my college days! I'm all over the place, but not big on Classical.

So that's all I have for now! Don't want to put you all to sleep!

Cheers and stay safe, Glenn
Thanks for the warm welcome gents!
Great to have another place to share projects and expand my horizons!


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I can also member the first Beatles appearance on Ed Sullivan show too.
Hope you enjoy it here.
Glenn! You made it!
Hi Ron! Yes, finally! I was on the phone with David Drugolf today discussing audio meets, and he mentioned hi fi haven, so before the day got away from me, I signed up! Looking forward to even more audio fun!

David hooked me up with a guy in NYC with a set of KEF 104.2s needing restoration. So I got started on them. Two woofers have VC rub and distortion, and shockingly, a set showed up on fleabay Monday! I contacted the seller, asked about their condition. He had tested them, they were just removed from the cabs, so I grabbed them. Got the caps from Falcon in the UK. Tweeter ferro fluid was like thick tar, and when carefully removing the first dome, the former pulled off the dome, stuck good in the VC gap. Unfortunate, but I bought the Morels that are said to be excellent replacements. So I’m feeling a lot better about this project. The crossovers have 16 caps!
Anyway, enough rambling!

Stay safe, Glenn
I can also member the first Beatles appearance on Ed Sullivan show too.
Hope you enjoy it here.
It’s amazing some things you remember so clearly! I remember being sick, on the sofa, and in my onesie PJs! When they came on, I said to my Grandma, “go get my guitar”! It was a kids plastic guitar, but I loved that thing!

Looking forward to having a good time here!

Cheers, Glenn


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Go get my guitar...
That's awsesome.
I rember my dad was quite unimpressed and he asked me what I thought, I said I don't like their hair but do like the music.