Hi folks.

I have been forum shopping, and with the boredom of self-isolation, decided it was a good time to join one. After joining a few forums in the past, I have found that I don’t gather much useful information from them simply because of the tendency of some audiophiles to make definitive statements (i.e. All Class D amplifiers suck) that they have no verifiable proof of, and then the thread devolving into the usual back and forth arguing, many times with personal insults. So anybody looking for advice probably leaves with more questions than they started with. While it’s fine giving your personal opinion (assuming it’s done in a respectful manner), that is exactly what it is, an opinion based on subjective listening. And many sites have a cast of regulars that troll the threads so that they can educate the newbies with the “truth” of their audiophile knowledge.

So I have chosen this site mostly because of the simple rules:

  • Have Fun!
  • Don’t be an asshole.
And to be honest, I have been reading through the threads and definitely notice the lack of assholes.

So I say hello and look forward to being part of this community.