Hi from the tiny town of Bakers Hill, Western Australia

Hi all,
I thought that I might just introduce myself to the members of this forum.

I recently joined the forum and was attracted to what I read in the SACD ripping thread. Having purchased hundreds of SACDs, one of the things that proved to be a bit of an inconvenience in a lazy modern world was having to find the disc I wanted to listen to then load it into the player. After an extended listening session having to file the discs back in their correct order to hopefully make finding the disc again less of an archaeological dig.

Most of my CD and DVD-Audio collection has been successfully ripped and stored on my NAS making playback on compatible devices around the home a breeze, but until recently I didn't have the hardware, software or knowhow to rip SACDs until I came upon this forum which has proven to be a wealth of knowledge and advice. Thanks to MikeyFresh I'm now up and running with SACD ripping and I'm almost 75% done on my collection. :)

I have two systems.

One small system which resides in the Livingroom and is mainly used for watching TV and casual listening. The equipment consists of:
Sony STR-DN1080 receiver
Sony UBP-X800 4k BR player
Richter Acoustics Wizards as front speakers
Boston Acoustics CR9 for the rear surrounds
KEF T301c centre
Emotiva X-ref 12 subwoofer
Humax satellite receiver
Sony KD-65X8500E 4k UHD TV

My Main System which resides in a separate studio building:
Sony STR-DA5600ES receiver
Sony SCD-XA5400ES SACD/CD player
Pioneer DV-S838A DVD-Audio player
Sony MDS-JA3ES MiniDisc Recorder
Philips DCC900 Digital Compact Cassette Recorder
TASCAM DA20 Mk2 DAT recorder
TASCAM 32B 10.5" Reel to Reel recorder
Technics SL1200-GLD direct drive turntable - two cartridges - Shure V15 Type 3 fitted with a Shure VN35MR stylus and Shure V15VxMR
ME-850 HiCap power amplifier for the front main channels
Sony TA-N9000ES power amp
Equinox Audio Jupiters (Main front speakers)
Richter Acoustics Unicorn (centre)
KEF Q77 (Rear speakers)
Richter Acoustics Odin subwoofer
Quad ESL2905
ETI 5000 Series control pre-amplifier (DIY heavily modified)
Sony TC-K570 cassette deck
Sony BDPS370 BR / DVD / SACD / CD player

Gear not always in use:
Sony QD-2010 SQ/QS quadraphonic decoder
JVC 4DD-5 CD-4 Decoder
Pioneer QD-240 CD-4 decoder
Aurex AD-2 noise reduction unit
ME-25 preamplifier
KEF Concerto speakers
Sony TA-N9000ES power amp (2nd)
Sony TA-P9000ES 6 channel analogue preamp
Sony TA-E9000ES processor (V2.5 firmware)
Sony TA-E1000ESD digital preamp
300+300 W MOSFET monoblock power amps (DIY heavily modified)
….. and a lot more..... too much to list.

My audio journey started when I was a teenager in high school when our music teacher brought in his own hi-fi system for us to listen to some music in lieu of using the school's crummy record player. His system consisted of an AR turntable, an integrated stereo amp of a make I can't recall and a pair of Bose 901 speakers. I quickly realised in about the first minute how much better this system sounded compared to the school's record player and anything we had at home. As soon as I started work I madly saved as much money as I could to buy a much better stereo system than what we had at home. Not easy on a trainee's income. :( Disappointed that any reasonable component system was going to be beyond my financial reach at the time I decided to use some of my knowledge of electronics I had acquired at technical college and build something from a kit. My first system was to bypass the tube electronics in a portable record player and re-route the stereo cartridge output to a simple IC amplifier kit (Sinclair IC-12 modules). It actually worked but had it's limitations running my DIY 3-way speakers, so I built something a bit better using some newly released bi-mesa planar epitaxial transistors just released by Fairchild Semiconductors. It was a 13+13W (RMS) integrated amplifier. I later purchased a Philips GA408 belt drive turntable and fitted it with an ADC 220XE moving magnet cartridge.

My first ready made system came shortly after. A Technics SL1200 direct drive turntable, Shure V15 type 3 MM cartridge, Yamaha CA700 integrated stereo amplifier and a pair of KEF Concerto speakers. At the time it was audio bliss, but as we all know (mainly through our wallets) that once bitten by the audio bug it's a long and expensive road to audio nirvana. My system now is completely different but probably for sentimental reasons I have retained the components from my original non-DIY system of the SL1200 turntable, Shure V15 type 3 cartridge, the Yamaha CA700 (which needs to be re-capped) and the pair for KEF Concerto speakers.

My interest from a hardware perspective is now mainly DIY. I guess it's gone full circle. The only difference from the early 1970s to now is a lot more knowhow and a well equipped workshop and test equipment to bring it all together.

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Welcome aboard Alan, LOTS of cool stuff in your systems!

Like so many of us, you've also got a fair stable of units sitting in reserve status, ready to be deployed as needed.

I'm glad you were able to nearly finish the SACD ripping in short order, soon you can just sit back and listen to them with just a couple of clicks or touches from your easy chair!

Once again, greetings... we're glad you found us.


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Welcome MB! I see you’ve got the workhorse Tascam DA20-MKII DAT with the great transport as well as the ability to defeat SCMS. And a lot of other killer gear. Glad you are here!
Welcome ! Had to look up Bakers Hill. East of Perth, with nature reserves scattered around the area. Nice.
Yes, I purchased the property about 6 years ago and made the move to a rural country lifestyle on a manageable 4 acres. I'm about 4km by road from the townsite and about 1.5km as the crow flies. The neighbours are far enough away not to annoy them when the system in the studio building is crankin'. :) I used to live inner city for decades. I don't know why I didn't make the move years before even though I had been looking since 2005. This property ticked most of the boxes and the bonus of the 165 sq. metre separate air-conditioned studio building with a very generous sized listening room, huge workshop (for all those DIY projects) and a store room proved to be irresistible. :)



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Welcome, feel free to post system pics (I’m a visual kind of fella). I also had a sweet ES stack that I regret selling, anchored by their big boy amp (TA-N77ES) with monster wattage meters.