Hi from Utrecht (Netherlands)


Finally I took some pictures. No pics yet of the wooden spider & leather surround PM4a, since it sits in the bowels of the Voigt horn. The preamp will be history soon (depending on when I get some free time, so maybe not quite soon), as will the poweramp. To the left of the recordplayer sits a diy cd-transport in a French-polished Padouk/Fichte case. The PSU sits next to the DCC-deck, that I use as the DAC. A diy-dac (modified NOS Doede-dac) should be done once I get some free time.
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Very nice..... :)

My kind of stuff. :)

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Fantastic looking system. I love the plinth on your Garrard too. Beautiful work.

And my apologies for not welcoming you earlier. I'm glad you are enjoying this online experiment! :)