Hi Guys


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Hi Guys,

How are you all, new nephew still cant solder at 1yr old.
Newton and his bloody apple is still giving me hell.
But all good.
The new kits for Howard Popeck Hi-fi Answers mag are performing well the iss 1 of the SECA/AB had few track loop problems but iss 2 is amazing for a kit costing less than £300 in bit.
Is there anybody out there in UK (230VAC) who like to try one out?
If there is please contact me.
If asked nicely I could do 110VAC version.

Take care all ,oh did anybody see northern lights and pics please. Here in London blue flashing lights rule the sky and they are audible and off key YUK

Mervyn Review can be found here:- Colin Wonfor's EWA kit amps - some thoughts
Just out of hospital yet again. Another stroke left me with 'Charles Bonnet Syndrome " What fun so right side vision gone digital lies.
Fun tried to watch Docu but the Dino kept trying to drink my coffee this morning.
Yesterday checked rhubarb went to my pit to check tools and it was full of rhubarb. Odd but funny.
If you have had this and any tip would be useful thanks best Col
Hi Colin,
Sorry to hear about your stroke - the rhubarb bit confused me, but i checked “Charles Bonnet Syndrome” on NHS website and it makes sense now.
Have you tried moving your eyes left to right several times while keeping head still?
Oh yes but it a brain damage eyes perfect had lots of test and TWO MRI Scans and optical 3D photo inside eyes.
I find it interesting how brain is trying to fill in the gaps.
Hi all.

Today I was driving again eyes/brain is getting better.
I will miss the regular visit from the dinosaurs in the TV room and the London Red Bus in the bedroom.
So back to building stuff it is great.
Thank you all for you kind thoughts.

Best Col
Nice to hear you're on the mend.