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Hi all! Happened upon this forum from searching around... looks great!

My wife recently acquired about 600 LPs from her father passing a few months back, so we figured it's a great time to get back into vinyl.
It's been 30+ years since I've owned a turntable, and wow have things changed!? (and in many ways hasn't changed much either!)

We purchased a stripped Magnavox cabinet - I still need to find the tag/label identifying the actual product.
In each side there is a Magnavox Astro Sonic 15" Speaker part# 581516-1 and I believe 10" horns part# 580088-1

The tweeters were made in Japan and have a cast aluminum horn assembly and foam covered drivers. The tweeters are 16 Ohms (?)
10 1/2" H x 4" W x 7 3/4" D (external dimensions)

I'm wondering what options I have to re-use these speakers in the cabinet vs. replacing with new items.
Will be looking to add a turntable ~ $400 range, nothing crazy - but also not something that will destroy the vinyl either.
I'm excited to learn more here and please offer some ideas, thoughts, perspectives - thanks!

Here are a few pics.


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Welcome to HiFi Haven!

I can’t tell you how to do your project, but I can tell you how I’d do it.

Your big limitation is wanting to use speakers in the cabinet. The console was built to fill a room with decent sound, and the audiophile niceties didn’t really apply. It’ll be hard to improve on the original speakers as a neophyte, so I’d leave them alone and replace the capacitor that cuts low frequencies to the tweeter. New polypropylene capacitors are consistent and will outlive you, and you needn’t buy an expensive brand. You’ll feel better about stringing new speaker wires as well.

You didn’t mention amplification, but I’d completely forget about tracking down the original electronics (not worth anybody’s time and effort unless they were doing a respectful time-capsule restoration). Replace them with a Class D amplifier from Amazon or eBay. Pick based on the features you want (Bluetooth!), and then worry about researching that particular model’s reviews or the web’s groupthink on that brand.

The $400 turntable is probably going to stretch what this project is worth. Were you going to install it where the old one was? If so, there’s some nice little vintage Dual tables that would work. The Dual 1019, in particular, has a following in vintage audio circles. Buying one, having it restored, and likely buying the best stylus you can afford will easily eat up that $400. That table might grow with you if you continued in the hobby. But it might be overkill for the task at hand. Check out something like the Audio Technica AT-LP60. It’s cheap and cheesy, but it has the advantage of being brand new and better fitting the absolute sonic limitations of the system as set by the speakers. That’s not a jab - I absolutely think this sounds like a fun and rewarding project. The AT table also won’t eat your records, which is more than you can say for some (most?) original console changers.

You’ll likely have a moving magnet cartridge on whatever table you wind up with, which doesn’t output a line-level signal. It’s probable you’ll have a preamp built into your turntable, especially if you buy something new and relatively inexpensive - usually it’ll say something like “line out”. Likewise, you may have one built into your amp, which would say “phono input”. If you don’t have a phono preamp built into turntable or amp, you buy an ART DJ Pre II.
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Welcome to the Haven! I’d vote for a used thorens td160 if you can find one locally (eBay is much more expensive). Or a new project or rega?