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I joined a while back but have not been very active sorry. I have been doing up a pair of seas small Thor non- transmission line speakers with the aid of a friend who has designed the crossovers using two separate software packages for comparison and good quality parts. The problem I have is the midrange is too prominent for me at times: some female vocals, guitar licks and 80’s pop (no judgements please🙄) , the crossover has corrected for the 4,800 resonance peak as well as a spike in the tweeter. The speakers are very clear and have good bass so I am pretty happy with them generally. these speakers are in a room that is too small for them but that is not something I can change and no room on back wall for wall treatments due to pot belly stove in winter.
system is:
aurender x100L streamer
anticables 7.1 silver/gold rca
pure audio lotus 5 dac
holton precision power conditioner
carver crimson 275 amp
robinson audio bi wired speaker cables copper solid core and one 24awg strand silver per run
crossover caps are Jantzen supreme and audyn

i have a plethora of rca leads, speaker cables, nos small signal tubes and power cables to rotate but I suspect the seas millenium magnesium drivers may be the culprit. I have a schematic of the crossover if anyone is interested or has a talent that way.

general happy with the sound, but I am not quite at the point where I forget the speakers and fall back with a sigh of contentment yet if you get my drift.

regards Rhett

ps carver is stock tungsol all round atm.
power cords are anticables 3’s all round and they have suggested that sometimes you can have too much of a good thing excitement wise if using them globally - I have alternatives to try.
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I would suggest looking up the measurements on Audio Science Review of the Crimson 275.
Done that, thanks for posting so quickly, the Jadis el34 I borrowed had the same sonic signature on the speakers as well as my parasound a21 so I dont think that is the problem. There are plenty of amps out that there where the measurements suck or are technically broken and sound good to some people, because of the weight of the thing i have hawked it around the two audio clubs i belong to and listened on a few systems and had lots of compliments. Had anyone bought one? No but in my gang I am the only one that will buy from overseas full price. The rest are too mean. Thanks for your feedback.




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The next place I would look would be at your crossovers and a waterfall of the speakers. Is the crossover design something you can share? The Thor crossover posted on Madisound looks to do nothing to tame the cone ringing, so I'm glad you added something. How deeply did you notch?
I would suggest looking up the measurements on Audio Science Review of the Crimson 275.
Paul, thanks for taking time to analyze the Crimson 275. Was it the Hi-Fi Haven Solid State forum where your post was deleted? I see that a few of my comments regarding Bob Carver and this amp have also been removed. Some people cant handle the truth.

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That notch is properly designed and properly placed, that should suck the energy out of that resonance. Do you have an impedance sweeping device? I would sweep your speakers to see how smooth the curve is.
Here is a good example of a cabinet issue around 1K. These little wiggles are generally cabinet walls moving and this can be unpleasant to listen to. I did hear stories back in the day about how JBL researchers understood that they couldn't get rid of these without making their speakers incredibly heavy and expensive, so they purposely put these wiggles in places where they wouldn't bother people.

If you have a good friend close by, it's also worth dragging at least your speakers into a different room to see if that all goes away. Is your room treated at all?