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Let's try something!
(i.e., Here, old my beer -- and watch this.)

I was looking through some old film photographs today. I actually managed to find a not-so-great example of one of the images I sought: My original "modern" hifi system. I actually started with a hand-me-down mono system, of which I don't think I have any photos at all. I may share a bit of information on it anon, if this topic seems to have any legs. :)
  • In 1977, I bought a stereo integrated amp, Yamaha CA-610II, from Soundscape in Baltimore -- and a pair of Yamaha HP-2 headphones. It was kind of like when Dorothy gets to Oz and opens the cabin door, you know? Stereo.
  • Next, my VM changer (with a Pickering P-AT that I put in it) was replaced with a cool little Philips GA-308, purchased used ($50) at about the same time from Custom Music in mid-town Baltimore -- a really funky little shop, with some bitchen used equipment. I wish I'd known then what I'd learn in the following four-plus decades!
  • Finally, in 1978, I bought a pair of demo Polk Audio Monitor Series Model 7A ("Polk 7As") with stands from Soundscape, and v1.0 was complete.
Here's a photo of the electronics. That charming VM tuner was something my father picked up someplace. I can say this in its favor: it did work, and it did have working MPX stereo. :) It was eventually replaced (another story, albeit neither a long nor interesting one, for later).
This photo was taken in 1979.

scan0024 (2).jpg

Please note my hifi stand -- a very vintage (even in 1979) RCA CTC-15 21-inch "roundie" that my father had acquired somewhere along the line and fixed up for me. It predates the FCC "all channel" mandate (which became effective in April 1964, according to wiki-p), having only a VHF tuner. It worked well -- although the on-off switch was quite broken, so it was turned on and off via the AC plug. 😎
I do wish I still had that TV.
(yeah -- I would, wouldn't I? :confused::confused::confused: :o)

I wish I had a better photo of the TV. :) It was a floorstander in an maple-finished Early American cabinet, and in generally good shape.
I do have some photos of video reproduced on it, though. ;)

If anyone else is of a mind to share a photo, or even just a description, of your own "v. 1.0", please do!

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This was my first stereo, assembled exactly 5 years ago in a day with components found on local classifieds.

Sony SS-G3 speakers, an Akai AA1030 receiver and an Arcam CD73 player. College textbooks as speaker risers. I think it cost me $500 CAD all in and it sounded glorious. A few weeks later I added the Sony biotracer TT. I can safely say that, other than the convenience of streaming, it's all been downhill from that point forward.

Stereo 1990.JPG

From my Junior / Senior year apartment in Walla Walla circa 1990-91:

Kyocera DA-410dx CD player
Harman-Kardon CD91 cassette player
Pioneer SA-5800 integrated amplifier
Paradigm 3se Mini speakers
Generic (Sony?) Walkman with FM tuner used for radio tuner purposes

(note: all my records were at my parents' house as I clearly had no means to play them at the time - this was the case until I picked up a used Rega Planar 3 from someone who was going all-digital in 1993)