Highly detailed request for near field speakers recommendations

Hi everyone,

So I'm looking for a 2.0 or 2.1 speaker system to put in my bedroom (DAC used will be a Teac UD-505) but I have a few requirements:

- Must be available on Amazon.es (I have a gift voucher to redeem there);
- Price must not go above 300€ (350€ if it's really a very big step up);
- Suggestions must take into account that these will be used for near field listening 80% of the time (60cm away from the speakers), the rest of the time I would be around 3 meters away (movies);
- Vocal clarity is very important for me, I tried out a set of Logitech Z533 and I had a hard time watching movies at relatively low volume and discerning what the characters were saying;
- Suggestions must take into account that the speakers backs will be 10cm away from a wall and around 80cm apart from each other;
- Must produce very low to no humming while powered but not playing music (I know this is hard with powered speakers).

- Balanced inputs would be nice;
- Dark minimalist design would be nice as well;
- Preference for 2.0 systems.

After reading a lot, I've noticed that perhaps a setup with passive speakers could be within my budget. Something like a Volt+ D amp and some Klipsch R41/51M?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.