Horn obsessed, GaTech grad student, new to the forum!

Hi All!

I figured I'd make a quick post to introduce myself and the project I am currently working on. I'm a second year PhD student studying computer science / intelligent systems at GaTech. I spend most of my time working with low energy embedded systems and rapid prototyping based device fabrication. In the past I've spent a lot of time working on some robotics type projects and even a garage based nuclear fusion reactor. You could definitely say I am addicted to building things!

In my ever rare free time, I'm attempting to build an outrageous system of speakers (currently a 2-way configuration) which feature front loaded horns. My current iteration of this project is detailed in the attached pictures (please pardon the messy garage!). I have constructed two cabinets for 12" drivers and two conical horns which are held together with 3D printed throat adapters.

I hope to soon rebuild the entire system because I hate the paint on the 12" woofer cabinets and I want to go with some larger, tractrix flavor horns (a story for another thread perhaps).

I was initially brought to the forum by some google searches on 3D printing horns. There seem to be quite a few folks here who are really in to utilizing 3D printing for their own speaker construction projects, so I figured I'd join and get to know yall!




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Welcome to HFH! Those speakers look great. I bet they can sound great too. Very much an Oswalds Mill vibe going on with them.

You hang around here long enough and us Altec enthusiasts will get you to pop some Altec 414's in the bass bins and an 802 driver on the horn and toss on some tube amp and wallah. Bob's your uncle.

Lot's of knowledge on this forum (not from me, I'm a moron). You'll like it here.

- Woody
This place better not have a mad scientist quota - happy to see you here, looking forward to your experiments!
Welcome! I was at Tech in the late 80s but that was when Techwood Homes was still still south of campus, prior to the olympic housing being built. I suspect things are quite different now. Walking around Atlanta at night was an interesting experience. I love the system and have been interested in building a two way system as well. I was planning to use a 15 inch driver for the woofer cabinet and possibly cross the horns at 500 hz to keep the crossover out of the mids. I will be following your build with great interest! There are some amazing people on the site and a wealth of knowledge here.


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Welcome to the Haven @cyborgseven. I think you’ll find you are among kindred spirits. There are a lot of fans of horn speakers and a some really cool builds going on as well!

Make yourself at home and feel free to share more about your project.