Horn obsessed, GaTech grad student, new to the forum!

Welcome to The Haven and verrrrrrrry nice!!! While I know little (Im learning) about horns, there are plenty on here you will fit right in with. I watched GaTech's former wide receiver Darren Waller have his way with the Saints last night. Nice to see someone battle back from substance abuse. At any rate, cheers and looking forward to learning from you!
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Although I live in Athens, I love the Bees! Great school.

Horn diy grad school level curiculum are bass horns. We'll be watching your progression. Lots of pictures please.
Hi, I'm holding out for the garage based nuclear fusion power plant to extend a proper welcome.
Oh but of course! Unfortunately not much power out of these types of little fusion systems. Rough estimates say for about every 1 watt of power into the reactor, you could harvest about 1x10^-12 watts out lol

These two pictures are of the chamber itself with one of the vacuum pumps in the foreground and a "star" from inside the reactor. The "star" is plasma which is created by applying high voltages (~20kv) to a cathode inside the chamber with a very low pressure atmosphere of deuterium gas.

Sorry for veering out of the realm of audio on this one but figured I'd post the pictures since Wntrmute2 had asked.

Thanks so much for all of the warm welcomes! You'll be seeing some more posts from me detailing on going speaker builds very soon.

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