How Big Is Your Listening Room?

14.5' x 32' room and have a couch that sits back about 15 feet from one system, Onkyo stack & Belle clones, where those are on the 14.5' wall. I can move the couch to back up on the long wall where I sit facing another system a out 11 to 12' back. That is a Carver stack of gear with various speakers that can move around.


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Living room is main listening area: 30' x 22' (plus a bit more as it opens to the kitchen/dining), ceilings are coffered, 10', 11', 12'.
Wow, jealousy....
If my living room layout was better its big with vaulted ceiling, but no way to a range any type of symmetry with stereo and not have door ways blocked some how or sofa backed up to a fireplace.


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Living room is main listening area: 30' x 22' (plus a bit more as it opens to the kitchen/dining), ceilings are coffered, 10', 11', 12'.
Doing some coffered ceilings in the new home too. They provide a pretty neat effect.
9.9 width 11.5 length 9. 9 ceiling plus chimney breast on longest wall. Most audio gear set up against longest wall opposite chimney breast



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19 x 20, with a ceiling sloping from about 10' to about 20', and an 8' wide loft at the end with the highest part of the ceiling. Ceiling under the loft is about 9'

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I've posted a picture of mine before. on a different thread

It's quite small. 12' X 12'



My vintage audio kit is mostly hidden away


This one at the bottom of the garden, our Japanese Tea House is even smaller. 9' X 6' but you can open up all the doors and have another 3' X 9' "alfresco." But only when it's warm.




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I went from an open floor plan 15.5’ x 16’ with 8’ ceiling main listening area with half wall to kitchen/dining area, and two hallways off of it, to a second bedroom that is 11.5’ x 14’ with 9’ ceiling. Really my Duevel Venus work much better in this smaller room, and an added benefit is that I tend to play things at a much reduced volume, without any negative effects. Never thought I would say this, but the smaller room just seems to work well.


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I'm in a converted garage space - two car garage. finished and carpeted. I think it is 25'x25'x8' ceilings.
The right side wall has two abutments; a mechanical works closet, and, rear of fireplace chimney (the side of the chimney structure that you typically see on the side of the house; keeps the music room way too warm!). The left wall has a small window, and the rear wall its pretty much empty, except for an extra bed tucked into a corner.
I have a chaise style couch set up across the front arrays.
From the middle part of the couch, you are center to my Soliloquy 6.3 pair and Plinius 8200 AB Integrated
From the right side chaise, you get centered to my daily drivers, Bozaks b302a Urbans and a chip amp fed by a Pioneer DVD-A deck -> Schitt DAC
The hard right wall of the room, at the front right corner, I have a mono corner speaker, GE A1-400 coaxial in original cabinets (a pair, but only one used. the other is used as a speaker stand for the top functioning speaker). That system is driven by Audrey, my retro-mod mono console.
The front area is my soon to be listening room(28’ length, stereo will be at “top” of image). The front door will not be used and the area will be carpeted. Hopefully this is a large enough space for my recently purchased Carver Amazing Silver MK4 to “breathe”. Ive read they work best at least 3’ from the “front” wall and a couple or more feet in from the side walls. I plan to do whatever makes them sound best as this entire front area is dedicated to stereo. 8’ ceiling.
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My listening room is small but really does a good job of filling the house with tunes - especially the kitchen when I'm cooking.