HQPlayer anyone else using it?

I have a Holo May Dac KTE and was feeding it with my Sony XA-5400ES and really like the improvement of using the May with the Sony vs the Sony as a stand alone source. The Sony is a very good player and the May was better, it wasn't day and night better but subtly better across the board. I finally decided to build a music server and digitized all my music. The sound improvement using HQplayer was jaw dropping. I never knew what my Meadowlark Blue Herons were capable of until now. The sound depth and width is out of this world.

Does anyone else have any experiences with HQplayer ? I would love to get your opinions on it.

If anyone else is thinking of getting HQplayer seriously think about doing it. Your Dac needs to be capable though and if using USB it should be galvanically isolated