I can’t unsee this

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Most of you guys here are so refined and classy. I try hard live up to that bar. Then... I see stuff like this... ROFL. Nice!


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Purchase of this loudspeaker includes a tube of K-Y Jelly required for routine maintenance of the port.

Youse guyses are triggering my inner thirteen year old again. :confused:

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I wonder how this was discussed during the design phase? ;)
Industrial Design Engineer: Here's the design rendering for the new port on the Mini T. What do ya think?

Product Marketing Manager: That's a good start, but it looks a little basic.

IDE: Huh?

PMM: Our target market is the sophisticated buyer with an eye for the upper end. They want texture, detail, and that extra jenesequa.

IDE: Hmmm. I think I get it now. Our sophisticated buyer doesn't want a dolphin blow hole. They want a cat's ass. Got it.

PMM: <Blink><Sigh><facepalm>


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speaking of cats and their physiology -- one of my favorite. poems. ever.
Courtesy of erstwhile US Poet Laureate Billy Collins


by Billy Collins

It's a law as immutable as the ones
governing bodies in motion and bodies at rest
that a cat picked up will never stay
in the place where you choose to set it down.

I bet you'd be happy on the sofa
or this hassock or this knitted throw pillow
are a few examples of bets you are bound to lose.

The secret of winning, I have found,
is to never bet against the cat but on the cat
preferably with another human being
who, unlike the cat, is likely to be carrying money.

And I cannot think of a better time
to thank our cat for her obedience to that law
thus turning me into a consistent winner.

She's a pure black one, quite impossible
to photograph and prone to disappearing
into the night or even into the thin shadows of noon.

Such an amorphous blob of blackness is she
the only way to tell she is approaching
is to notice the two little circles of her eyes
then only one circle when she is walking away
with her tail raised high-- something like
the lantern signals of Paul Revere,
American silversmith, galloping patriot.

(c) Billy Collins, 2016
From The Rain in Portugal,
Penguin Random House


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We just saw a PBS Newshour segment that discussed this 'bio inspired design' field of engineering.

In the never-ending hunt for new designs that jump, pump, or run faster and better, scientists are finding inspiration in nature.



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OK, since my puerile side has been summoned to the fore yet again by this thread... :p

I was gonna post "Well, we need some Georgia O'Keeffe- inspired hifi components now -- you know, for gender parity"... but I realized that we already have 'em.
y'know, freddyi, your enclosures are making me think more & more of Georgia O'Keefe :-) - mhardy6647 - High Efficiency Speaker Asylum

(unfortunately, all of the image links are now broken :( -- but the borrowed images below'll probably convey the basic idea)