I. Like. Big.... Amps-and-I-cannot-lie.

Still have my Carver VTA-180 tube mono blocks which have more than enough power for any speaker(s) I have, (180 watts per), but...

Went to these about 2 years ago trying to "update" my system - PS Audio Class D mono amps. 350/700 watts each. Traded in my Parasound 3500 (which I had 2 of for many, many years) and dearly loved. Not "big" but big in the sound and output nonetheless. I really hate saying this as I loved all of my Parasound amps but it was worth it. These don't bust my back moving them around.


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I have a copy of the SA100 Mk3. It is one wonderful beast. Second hand since 2009. Even better sounding now that I've had Ralph Abramo in California do his Ultimate Upgrade; new caps, relays, the works in 2018. This brought Buena Vista Social Club smack into the room through my Dynaudio C1 Signatures. (Ralph has same speakers, btw). Paired with Plinius M16 bought from the designer here in New Zealand.
Very happy with Plinius, in Class A or AB operation.