I. Like. Big.... Amps-and-I-cannot-lie.

Hope you-all don’t mind me bumping this thread but here’s my beast - early MKII Krell KSA-100. Pure Class A, gobs of power and it even sounds good. Makes my electric bill go up whenever I rotate it into my system - though it heats the room nicely during winter..

I bought some big amps (used) once. They lasted about a week. When I took them back to the dealer, he gave me a complete refund….no questions asked.
Big to me now is something over 5000 mW.

Pat McGinty

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Just me: the amp ought not clip until just before the woofers fuse. For safety, yes, but more important: you can interpret that nasty sound as proof that your speakers are not keeping up with your demands.

In practice, out in the world of real customers with real rooms and with just slightly unreasonable demands, that situation is showing up these days. I've had several guys run out of LF system at 2x1KW, and with plenty of transducer at work.

I think that, if your transducers get ugly early on, maybe you place the blame on the amplification, since your rig certainly sounds better without the top of your vol pot. It's hard to even recognize 3dB, but it can kill your rig, make it scream. But when the transducer array delivers prissy-clean output at higher levels, you'll find yourself happily running at those levels because you're not hearing the tell-tale sounds of "loud" stereo. I've set guy up with +10dB over their previous systems, and they're pretty much: "OK, that's nice. Much better". But, um, gentlemen, that's 100 times. Linear playback systems, logarithmic perception systems.

I'm running 2600W / side and bang the stops all the time at realistic, energetic Rock 'n' Roll levels that I'm certain none of you guys would l find to be excessive. (True, though: half of that juice is buying bandwidth.)

So, yeah, big big amps please. Move at least one darn problem up and out of the way.;)
I like some large solid state gear - I use a couple of bridged Classe DR3 VHCs in one system - just over 100 lb.s each, and another of those amps run in stereo in another system, and a Rowland 5 in a third system - 140 lbs.