I might be a Reel to Reel guy soon...

Saw an Ad this morning for a free Teac R2R and lots of Tapes (on Nextdoor.com) part of an estate. I passed it up - but then responded and received a response. Hmm...
Thanks! - here is my new gear

And my new collection:

I'll have to figure out how to rebuild it - that along with my broken Pioneer.
Just saw this. I think my reel deck is the nearly identical 3300S--the controls look the same but mine takes the larger 10½" reels. I ordered new NAB hubs from TEAC when I first got it, and I'll get it out every now and then to give it a workout. Always fires up without a problem!

Not having any tapes always stops me from pursuing tape decks on Craigslist. If could start out with 20 tapes or so, I would go for it.
I saw the same exact Teac deck in the X-Files episode: Syzygy - last night - I gotta get it up and running.
We'll it is up and running. Today I spent the day taking down the decorations since they pick up trees tomorrow - in the mail came my new power cord - so I took a break - plugged it in - and it light up. I broke out the manual - how do you install a tape? - fairly straight forward - a few hiccups - but soon I was hearing the Righteous Brothers and it sounded pretty damn good so I let that play and turned up the volume.

After that finished I broke out the George Shearing tape - also sounded good - now I'm listening to Miles.

Pretty fun - I need to get the hang of rewinding - I'll have to check the manual - I simply threaded it through in reverse of playback and hit rewind - that worked- but I could hear the tape being played in high speed reverse - seems like that would wear on the heads. I'll have to figure that out. Back to the manual.

It sounds pretty good - I was hoping for better than the 8 Track sound that I grew up with and disliked- much better than that- speed wise is perfect. Controls a bit scratchy - but only when you are turning up the output.

Cool stuff.