I went to the mall yesterday....


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I generally avoid the mall like it harbours a plague of locusts, but I'm giving a presentation at the city council meeting on Monday and figured I'd best get a haircut before then so as not to look the compleat ragamuffin. The lady who cuts my hair is a former student's mother who works at a salon that happens to be at the mall, so I do end up there occasionally.

So the dear spouse and I are at the mall, might as well wander around a bit. There is a new food court and a stall that sells what turned out to be quite decent curry. Yum - my favourite!

Ok, get to the point, man. So I wandered into the record store that replaced HMV when it went belly up. Sunrise has been there for awhile and from the start had a few records, off to the side somewhere. I walk in and the record bins are now the main display when you walk in the door, selection has grown enormously and they even have a used section... with 45s. My, times are changing... or something. The young guy at the counter was quite knowledgeable about the stock, though a bit less about turntables.

End result - I came home with a few used LPs including the Chicago "Live at Carnegie Hall" boxed set and an interesting Zappa 12" 45. Prices were extremely reasonable. I also walked my wife through the new vinyl and pointed out things that she might ponder in case there were to be a birthday present in my future. The past few birthdays have involved new tea kettles and toasters, lol.

So getting dragged to the mall is a slightly less onerous notion than it once was!


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Just down from the theatre entrance?

I might have to stop in, purely for 'research' purposes.
Hi Ernie! Yes, just across from the theatre entrance. The selection isn't anywhere near on a scale of Dr. Disc let alone some of the big independent record shops, but still some good things. It was nice to walk in and immediately be faced with displays of LPs again. It really wouldn't have been thinkable not so long ago, would it? The mall...


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Heading to the Kingsville Folk Festival this evening and if recent years are any indication there will be some new vinyl coming home with me as well. All depends on if there are any bands I really like selling....


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Sounds like big fun!
One of my former adult students works for BizX magazine (her sister owns it) and gets me comps for things from time to time. This is the fourth year in a row we've been given four passes to the folk festival. We always take another couple along and have always had a great evening. We could go the whole weekend, but from Walkerville to Kingsville is a bit too much of a hike so we usually concentrate on Saturday. The past year or so I've started seeing the bands turning up with some of their more recent recordings on vinyl so I nab that instead of the CDs I'd been buying previously. New vinyl is good....
Seeing records section at the local electronics/music shop somehow became a commonplace thing Down Under too although used shops are still rare.


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Does that really make it better? ;)

I was gonna say something about subject-verb agreement, but 1000s more vinyl @ bestbuy.com doesn't actually have a discernable verb to be seen. :p

still, isn't 1000s umm... plural?
Doesn't really have a noun, either; only an adjective. 1000s more vinyl (insert noun here) @...
Doesn't really have a noun, either; only an adjective. 1000s more vinyl (insert noun here) @...

As Philosopher/Tiger Hobbes said (albeit in a slightly different context*... but only slightly different)


sorry, hijacked this mommajammin' thread again. :confused:
* and,yes, I feel really bad about editing Calvin, and the strip's punchline, right out in service of this thread!