I wonder about stuff


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All the time, I wonder about stuff.
Like Zenith.
Remember Zenith?


If one bought a product labled with the name of this once famed brand but long after the tagline above had faded into oblivion*, might one be said to have
Bought a Zenith at its nadir

Stuff like that.

:confused: :smoke

* Say, perhaps a product like this:
(In full disclosure, we have two of these -- although, in my own defense, one was a dump find.)
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My father bought one of the last Quasar televisions with the rotary knobs on the front.

A very problematic telly that turned into a black hole for monied repairs, metaphorically speaking…..
"Works in a drawer" :)


I won a Sencore filament checker at some sort of TV repair seminar with my father long, long ago for identifying a Quasar Color TV shown by the presenter in a "what's this" slide. 🧐


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A combination of steamed crabs, diesel fuel and whatever that smell was from the Domino Sugar plant?

And the bad old days of rotting everything before they cleaned up the Harbor!
My mother worked for a couple of years at a medical facility that was a stone's throw from McCormick Spice facility right smack downtown -- and just as the "Inner Harbor" was beginning to be revitalized in earnest. The scent of the spice of the day (so to speak) was a high point of being there, or just passing by.

At home in Brooklyn Park, we used to get the smell of the mash from (according to my father) "Calvert Distillery" sometimes when the wind blew from the west (or maybe southwest) -- for all I know, though, it could've been the old Carling plant by the Beltway. Whatever it was, it was kind of a nice smell.


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I suspect we're boring non-native Baltimorons, so I'll close with these tidbits:

Mt sister worked as a secretary at the Calvert Distillery for several years. The plant still exists in the same location (Washington Blvd, Rt.1, AKA "Death Alley") but now produces industrial alcohol.

My fondest memory of Brooklyn Park was the Ollie's store on Route 2 (the north end). Discontinued shlock stuff of all varieties...but bargains to be had if you shopped carefully. I still have some towels I bought years ago...they're now in the car's trunk for emergencies.