Ifi MQA at Audio Exellence in Toronto - July 24!

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Audio Excellence in Toronto is hosting the good folks from Ifi for a discussion and demonstration of their new MQA dac and other gear. It's at a weird time, noon on a Tuesday, but it might be fun to check it out.

Here is the blurb:

MQA from $189?

Join us Tuesday July 24 from 12pm. iFi factory reps will be visiting from England to demo and speak with you about some of their products, including the nano iDSD LE, a DAC that can decode MQA for only $189.

Special, ONE-DAY ONLY deals available to all visitors July 24.

Many reviewers, clients and manufacturers say MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) is the ultimate in digital decoding. They say that MQA recordings sound much more like the original recording. Unfortunately, many DACs do not decode MQA, and most of the ones that do are quite expensive.

Until now! iFi has introduced a complete line of MQA-compatible DACs starting from only $189, and they are very good indeed.

The iFi Nano iDSD LE is not a compromised, low quality DAC with MQA decoding capability. Check out some of its benefits:

- Burr Brown DAC chips to decode Hi Res formats up to 32 bits/384kHz and DSD128, so you can play back virtually any Hi Res format
- MQA decoding so you hear what the original recording sounded like
- Formats stay in their native form, so DSD remains DSD, and PCM stays PCM. This means no signal loss from file conversion
- Small form factor so you can bring it with you. Connect your Smart Phone or Personal Music Device and enjoy the best sound
- Military-Grade temperature compensated Clock modules reduce jitter to vanishingly-low point.
- Battery capable of 8 hours or more of playback
- Precision Analogue Volume Control
- No output coupling capacitors, similar to the finest amplifiers, ensuring the highest possible transparency