Incoming Headphones During Our Pandemic


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I’m usually not a big headphones guy but, during this f’ing pandemic, I have to say sometimes I just want to turn the volume up without closing the door to my, er uh, listening room. I listened to a pair of Grado SR-325e at Decibel Audio, about two years ago, when I was buying my amp and was very impressed, especially at the price (<$300). So a pair is on their way, estimated to arrive Monday.

I didn’t see a lot of used Grado’s out there and when I did they weren’t too much less than new. Hopefully that says a lot about their headphones, most folks love ‘em. More later!
My headphone game isn't strong, but I use them so rarely that it doesn't pay to go all out. In fact, I don't think I've used mine in over a year and a half now. But I'm glad I put out the coin to buy them, since they are no longer made, and they sound great (planars).

I also have a pair of Grado "portable" headphones (the iGrado...dumb name, for sure, but they grip really tight during activities) that apparently use the capsules from their lowest model (SR-60?). They're certainly a clean sounding headphone. Deficient in bass, but otherwise they were impressive. The earpads have disintegrated though, and I need to get replacements, hopefully with a little more padding this time out.


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The Grado SR-325e’s have arrived. At first listen, they sound marvelous given they only cost $295. But first, a little about my experience with the company and Rich Grado. I purchased them directly from from 4OurEars, Grado’s direct shop. We were snowed in and I figured maybe they had already passed most of their snowfall pains. Nope! I contacted their customer service about 3 days after I placed the order, on a Sunday, because I had not seen a ship confirmation. I got an email back from Rich Grado, giving me the lowdown that their office had been closed for several days but he would check the next day.

The day after that I received an email from Rich, after a couple of back and forth emails, along with an attached picture of my package he was delivering to FedEx. I assume it was him, it came from his email and showed the picture of my package in front of his BMW steering wheel.

Not the end of the story. FedEx was backed up and their system didn’t update for a few days, the package was re-routed, all the while me bugging Rich if he could help. Suddenly, the headphones showed up in the Chicago area last night and delivered today. He was very patient and I don’t know if he actually bugged FedEx or not but now I’ve got them and am thrilled.

I can now understand why one doesn’t see many of the the 325’s on the used market. Very detailed, yet neutral at the same time. No tubby bass, very accurate. Very engaging. Percussion is outstanding, piano timbre is right with the right amount of key strike bite. Comfortable. Quick. Houston Person’s sax is not quite what it is on my Harbeths, but very enjoyable. Maybe a little more bite though, not a bad thing. Snare is incredible. For $300 it’s hard to find many faults.

Rich reminded me full-bloom is about 50 or so hours +/- Just thought I’d let everyone in on the excellent, over-and
-above customer service I received from Grado. Maybe no wonder they have been around over 60 years. No affiliation whatsoever with Grado, just believe in calling out great customer service when a company goes out of their way to help, even when Mother Nature is working against them.