A good friend let me demo one of his Adcom GFA-555 stereo amplifiers. Added it to my simple 2 channel in the living room. Also mover the sub from here to the sitting room.

A few weeks ago I put some simple plinths together to give the Omens a better surface to sit on. I spiked a couple of cheap 14x14 cutting boards and then installed the rubber footers the Omen came with. Happy with the results. Also added a sub to this 2 channel, you can just barely see it under the table to the right. I had to move the sub from the living room because I walked in from work one day and my wife was absolutely cranking some very bass heavy 90 R&B. I was a slightly scared for my poor speakers. Added the sub and applied an 80 hz crossover, she can do what she wants with the volume knob now. For years I wanted her to enjoy music as much as I do, so now that she is I am not going to tell her to keep the volume down. I would rather put things together in a way that she can enjoy it at whatever volume she wants.

All good things come in threes, soo today I decluttered my home office a little. I moved my SDA-1Cs back to the closet to simplify the front stage.

New stylus day in my house today.

I picked up a Technics SL-Q2 with a Signet cartridge installed last summer. I thought the stylus on the signet was worn, installing the new stylus confirmed it.

ATN-120eb for a signet 5e cartridge downstairs in the sitting room.

The Shure V15 type III was on a Dual 1229 that my wife drug home from a recent trip to some local thrift stores. The Shure V15 sounds about the same leading me to believe the "old stylus was in at least decent shape. The poor Dual was trashed so that was a surprise.

Jico VN35E for a Shure V15 type III in the office.
New to me Adcom GFA 555 in the house. I found it on FB marketplace nearby.


I will bring it up to temp to check bias and DC offset tomorrow. Pictures below are from the FS post. It is in very good condition. I look forward to opening it up to see if the inside is as clean as the outside.
Well, the 555 was pretty clean under the hood. A fine layer of dust was present and did not look to be disturbed at all. Bias was very close to spec after a 30 min idle warm up.
Adjusted to 9.7mv and 9.9 mv left and right and plugged it in to warm up with some tunes. Looks like I will have to adjust my shelvs a little due tot the difference in size.
The Adcom's top end seems to be a little more "bright" than the Parasound. Otherwise very similar. Not better or worse necessarily....

An hour and a half of John Digweed's live Montreal set brought the Adcom up ot temp nicely. Bias increased a little bit so I dialed it back to 10mv. Now I just have to adjust the shelves and everything can go back together.

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Just discolored glue that hold the caps in place during manufacturing. Wouldn't worry to much about it.
After a gentile clean the Parasound is back into service. For now it will be powering the living room 2 channel. I am on the lookout for a cost effective blu ray/cd player that will eventually reside on the open shelf. I picked up a Sony UBP-X800 for my office for $75 a while back. Hoping for the same sort of thing to come up for sale close by.


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I picked up a Sony UBP-X800 for my office for $75 a while back.
Thats a sweet deal on that machine, very nice unit.

Maybe also keep an eye out for clean example of the slightly older BDP-S7200, which doesn't do native 4k (but does do 4k upscaling), however it is one of the last of the Sony models compatible with ripping SACD.

This one's a steal, though lacking the original box and remote control (replacement IR remote is under $10), and it's located in Denver so might be expensive shipping. For me on the east coast the shipping of $31 is nearly the cost of the machine itself.
My lovely wife found a nice glass VTI component rack at the local thrift for $25 so that went into the living room. The living room rack moved up to the office, and the office rack moved to my daughters boyfriend. Everyone wins....


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John Digweed, Thievery Corporation.....heck yeah! Saw Thievery Corporation at Coachella about 20 years ago. I bet they sound fabulous on your systems!

You might want to check out Papadosio(if you havent already:)).

John Digweed, Thievery Corporation.....heck yeah! Saw Thievery Corporation at Coachella about 20 years ago.
Guilty as charged! I have lost track of how many Digweed shows I have seen. Back to at least the mid 90s, Sasha, Keoki, Josh Wink, Carl Cox, Jeff MIlls all the 90's hitters. Throughout the years Digweed was the most consistent, he really spends a lot of time on the road.

I caught Thievery Corp in San Diego once. They were excellent.