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I don't think I ever really introduced myself. My name is Ian Meyers and I live in Palm Beach County, FL. I'm 61, geez it feels weird to say that, and have been an audiophile since I was 16 when I discovered The Absolute Sound. We didn't have much money growing up so I could never afford anything I read about, but it was still inspirational and aspirational. My first system consisted of Technics receiver/turntable/speakers that I saved up for from my $3 an hr job. I traded up steadily since the beginning, Technics receiver to NAD 3020, turntable to a Rega, speakers to Polk Audio. My friends jokingly called me HFM (for Hi-Fi Man) because i was obsessed with sound quality. I went away to grad school at 24 in 1985 and while most classmates had a small receiver and turntable I actually went off to Durham,NC with a modded Dynaco ST-70, my Rega and a pair of Maggie MG1s wired with Fulton brown speaker cable. When I introduced my grad school friends to my future wife (post graduation) they told her "we are afraid Ian will never love you as much as he loves wire." 32 years together so they were not totally right about that.

I've had so much gear pass through my hands over the past 45 years I can't remember it all. I have had huge SS monobloc amps as well as 3W SETs. Now I have a mix of gear, some SS, some tube and in the past 5 years I have migrated to streaming audio. I am fascinated with vintage gear/sound, especially speakers which is how I found Hi-Fi Haven. As some know I just finished my first vintage build, a pair of Altec 605s in 612 cabs. I am reasonably handy, but have no wood working skills so I had the cabs (and Markwart xovers) built for me, and I bought the drivers, chose the wire and connectors and dampened the cabs based upon info I read on the 'net. I would love to build another pair of speakers for the fun of it, but I am way out of space and have somewhere between 7-10 pairs of audiophile speakers as well as many amplifiers. My wife and I have been looking to buy a big house outside Florida but post-Covid prices have gone crazy and large houses aren't cheap anywhere these days, so I've got gear everywhere (and a very understanding wife). At some point I would like to give some speakers away to local audiophiles because I can't keep them all and would like to see others enjoy them.

Audio is my real passion though I collect sports and music memorabilia and bet horses at least 4 days a week. That's about it, anyone that wants to chat or introduce themselves feel free to DM me.

Gday Ian, from Australia,
You are a tad younger than I, but similar story, excepting the huge stash of stuff "in storage ". I have a huge stash of course, buts its valves by the thousands, capacitors by the tens of thousands, resistors by the hundreds of thousands, and all perhaps not audiophool quality today, are mostly mil spec and very close tolerance. When I "see " a fellow audiophool in need I tend to give away the stuff, rather than see it in a skip bin. I dont own a house of course. Never been able to afford after the Italian sports cars and audio junk as the wife calls it.
She has been suffereing me just on 46 years.

I like your intro, there are some very nice folks here, and I am sure you will have a very enjoyable time.


Joe, and wifey Nadia
Thank you very much Joe, very nice to hear from you. I have become VERY familiar with Australia (remotely) over the last 4 months. I work as a consultant for a large betting syndicate and have been tasked with putting together information on most every Australian thoroughbred race track. I spent many, many hours using Google Earth to 'explore' all of Australia from Berrigan, NSW to Alice Springs,NT to Edenhope,VIC.

I think most Americans have no idea how large Australia really is. I'm hoping someday I make it over for their Spring racing carnivals. Feel free to DM anytime.


p.s. wife is also very tolerant and has no interest in either audio or horse racing.
Well Ian,
Horses bite at one end, and kick from the other. I was actually born only a few cliks from the histerical ( pun ) Man From Snowy River area, where I learned to fly fish for brown trout. Today they are gone, replaced with rainbows from Canakia ( Canada )
I have NEVER bet on a horse in my life, and have zero intention of starting now. BUT !!! If I can help with any info I will certainly do my best.
I havent been on a horse for probably 50 years. I used sell brumbies from the high country to rich kids in Canberra, so I had to ride.
I am a TERRIBLE rider!!! :lol:
Today the brumbies are ripping the high country apart. Too many hooves chewing up very delicate soil and terrain.
Unfortunately, today they are shot from a helicopter with GPMG machine guns. Probably 30.06 today but origionally 7.62 NATO round, belt feed. Its a very hot topic between the animal lovers, and the greenies defending the country. Its also fairly " secret ".

BUT do not that let you stop asking if I can help.

I collect and love my bluegrass, southern country and country rock. 99% from USA, but I do have some from the weirdest places.
I dont do digital in ANY form, apart from watching DVD,s. I dont have a seedie player.
So, I am a home builder with equipment, and a retired electrical engineer.

Hi Ian and welcome to our little home away from home. Like you, my audio passion started young. I built my first stereo console in 9th grade wood shop. Way too much gear has passed through over the decades and I still have a house full of stuff. I have systems in the living room, dining room, den, sunroom and racks of extra gear not in use. Not to mention speakers not in systems that just take up space. Yet, I still keep acquiring more. The rabbit hole runs deep. I've always said that audio is a disease with no cure. You can only feed it more gear.
Welcome, Ian. Like you, I’ve had various types of gear pass through my house (solid state and tube). I do feel I am at the best part of my audio journey and have the haven and its members to thank for it. Plenty to learn and get into trouble with here too! Looking forward to your many projects and contributions. :)
Hi Ian, I'm a little older than you and live in Palm Beach Gardens (my career in Chicago). I've collected a lot of gear beginning in high school about 1970. Right now I have one vintage setup I use regularly with Dynaco A25 speakers and a Sansui AU717 amp. I've also gone streaming as my source, mostly Amazon Music into a DAC and into my vintage setup. I can find just about any album old or new on Amazon Music and the SQ is good.

Thanks for your intro.

All the best,

Mark (aka Snade)
Some for now. I'll post photos of some other speakers and amps this weekend.

612s in my hall system.
ASL 845s (all boxed up now)
Shiny Eyes 300B
Aric Audio 211/845
Otomon 801 amp
Office system (LM preamp, Rossi monoblocs, Denafrips DAC & Clock, custom Roon Nucleus+ clone, Viking Acoustic Tubemasters)
Rossi Amps
LM 210 300B amp & Lumin T-2 (in hall system)
Lii Audio Open Baffle (now just sitting in my garage)


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That's some serious sweet toys you have there. I run a pair of ASL 845's in my main rig. Love them. What is the gray military looking piece on the top shelf? Reminds me of a Navy surplus radio I used as a kid.
That's some serious sweet toys you have there. I run a pair of ASL 845's in my main rig. Love them. What is the gray military looking piece on the top shelf? Reminds me of a Navy surplus radio I used as a kid.

Thank you. The battleship grey piece is a Line Magnetic AS-133 preamp. I wanted a DHT preamp and had this imported from China.

I have another DHT preamp because I love the sound. It's this one, I bought it from a Hi-Fi Haven seller last year, it's not currently in use.


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Thank you. The battleship grey piece is a Line Magnetic AS-133 preamp. I wanted a DHT preamp and had this imported from China.

I have another DHT preamp because I love the sound. It's this one, I bought it from a Hi-Fi Haven seller last year, it's not currently in use.

Pair of Crites Cornscalas I had him build last year. Local shop added teak veneer, I replaced midrange drivers with B&C DCM50. I'm using it in a video setup with a Marantz processor/preamp and a Krell 5 channel amp. Speakers sound good now (it took some work) but I have 2-3X more into them than what I could get for them. I guess that means they will always be with mine, LOL. On side of speaker is a copy of John Lennon's 1958 Rickenbocker 325. I had it built for me and it sounds great but I never learned to play. Makes a nice display piece though.


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One channel in the LM integrated amp I have hooked up to my ALtecs was dead this morning. Swapping all the tubes and cables just confirmed it was indeed something on the left channel. I took the amp to Tom the Stereo Man this afternoon for repair. Tom is a mid-60s Turkish guy I was fortunate enough to find who lives locally. He has already repaired my Otoman amp that went dead 2 days after it arrived here, and the ASL 845 amps I bought last year that came damaged. How many guys can still fix tube amps w/o schematics these days? 100, 500?, whatever it is it's fewer every year. I really worry about that for our hobby. I've got the Otomon hooked up now using a passive preamp because there's not enough room to bring in my DHT preamp (above). It's sounds good but I think the LM sounded better because it had a real preamp. Hopefully it's not an expensive repair. :(


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Good techs are indeed hard to find Ian.
At least there is one still nearby where you are.

Thats a nice bit of feedback,

mad aussie Joe :-)