Introduction Thread

Hello fellow members.
I’m David a music enthusiast, I live in London, Ontario, Canada.
i am in the midst of an upheaval or a switch-up at the moment. I have been a tube amplification person till about the start of the year 2020. Now I am in the process of change. I am trying to get a nice , warm but at the same time a robust Sounding system sound when I need it to be.😇
My System is as follows: An Arcam CD/SACD player, a VPI 25th Anniversary Turn Table with a Moving Coil Cartridge, a phono preamplifier, a Audio Vale Preamplifier, all Chord Inter Connects but one, speaker cables by Chord , a VAC PA 90 and a VAC PS Supply mono blocks and my speakers are The Spendors D7.2. All of the components are plugged into a PS Power Bar.
i am trading in my VAC tube amplification for a couple of Exposure M
Thanks , Guys
i am totally new to this sort of thing. So please overlook my errors of protocol here .
Thanks and I hope you all have great listening enjoyment .
Young David


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Hello to Young David from an old David.

What is it that made you want to trade in the VAC PA 90 and a VAC PS Supply monoblocks on solid-state Amps from Exposure?