Sold Inventory Reduction - Jensen, JBL, Altec, UTC speakers and transformers (Updated 11/28/22)

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Updated 11/28/22

It looks like I've accumulated a surplus of awesome vintage gear that deserve new homes. Will add pics over the next couple days. All are in good working condition unless otherwise noted.

1) Two pairs of JBL K151 woofers ($450 per pair). These are 18" Alnico drivers from the 1970's, very rare on the used market and awesome on open baffle. Both were professionally reconed and stored in a climate controlled environment ever since. One was reconed with an 8R JBL factory recone kit, the other pair with a 16R aftermarket kit.

1b. Also selling one NOS factory JBL recone kit for the K151 ($170). I ran across a bunch of these years ago and this one is leftover. This is a one-piece assembly which makes it relatively easy to recone one yourself to original factory conditions. SOLD

2) One pair of Jensen A12 permanent magnet 12" woofers ($400). These have ridiculous magnets and that smooth, rich Jensen sound. They were professionally reconed by Deja Vu Audio to original specs other than a 16R voice coil (vs 8 for the original). Deja Vu specializes in high end vintage speakers and amplifiers. SOLD

3) Pair of Emilar EH-500 horns ($300). These were made by Showco but to the same dimensions including the massive half-inch thick frame. Note these are 2" horns and while I don't have any additional adapters to use 1" drivers, these are readily available. Incredible with TAD 4001 drivers...if one can afford them. This one SOLD but Found another pair!! See below for pics of the pair that is still available SOLD

4) Pair of Jensen P15LS woofers ($400). These are the same as the P15LL but made by Jensen for Heathkit speaker kits back in the day. The lineage of the P15 goes back to the A15PM which was used in the Western Electric 753 and modern reincarnations. Phenomenal choice for a high efficiency vintage system, and sounds great on open baffle or even vented cabinets. Only selling this pair as I'm using its field coil grandfather, the F15LL, which does sound a little better to my ears. (note minor issues in pics below)

5) Pair of Altec 15095A step up transformers ($170). Popular for moving coil cartridges, and can be wired 1:5 or 1:10. Mount these in a standard octal tube socket.

6) Pairs Pair of UTC A20 and A21 step up / 1:1 transformers. Used in DACs and other applications; the A20 and A21 sound the same to me and have that warm UTC sound. $120 per pair

7) Ortofon Quintet Bronze moving coil cartridge ($400). This was a backup cart which is in excellent condition with only 60 hours. SOLD

8) RCA MI-12399 step up transformers ($125 each). Two are available, but one looks a little different than the standard RCA-labeled casing (the RCA 12399 was actually made by Triad, for the record). Same 9-pin socket, pinout and specs. These are highly regarded as a 1:14 step up for moving coil cartridges. My other pair is currently my day-to-day SUT used in my phono stage. SOLD

9) Pair of Eico PP OPTs from HF-20 monoblock amplifiers, which were used with 6L6s and maybe also EL34s. $300 for the pair
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If I had about $1000 for hi-fi parts I don’t have an immediate use for…
Is this with TAD4001s?
Yes, here is the pair of horns and 4001s from the measurements. My other pairs of Showco’s have more “character” - so figure on giving them a fresh coat of paint.


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Pics of the Jensen P15LS woofers. There are two issues to highlight, neither affecting performance. First, on one woofer the screw terminal came loose so I ran the connecting wire as shown in the photo. This does not affect performance - you can just solder your connecting wires directly to the solder terminals which bypasses the screw terminals altogether.

Second, there is a small dent in the cone surround of the other woofer as shown. Having owned five pairs of these woofers, I’m confident in saying it does not affect performance but ran a frequency sweep just for peace of mind. I forgot about these issues, so I’ll be flexible on price. Which I lowered above.


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Got Vintage transformers?

Remembered I have a third Altec which is missing the base/socket. Not sure I ever tested that one but I’ll throw it in at my asking.


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RCA / MI12399 transformers


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Jensen A12PM 12” alnico woofers (perfect condition recone). High efficiency and very similar sound to the A15PM and P15LL.


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Just found another pair of Showco / Emilar EH-500 horns in the basement (this is getting embarrassing). Same price as above - $300 the pair.

Adding pics. Note the one on the right still has some 1/8" adhesive foam tape around the frame from when I mounted these in cabinets. It comes right off. But applying that is a good idea especially if you are using a sealed/vented cabinet, given the horn frame (and the speaker baffle in all likelihood) are not perfectly even.

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Pics of the K151's... Two pairs are available as described above. One pair has JBL cones at 8 ohms, one with aftermarket cones and 16 ohms.

And a word about these drivers. These were made by JBL for a short time in the 1970’s and have the unusual combination of 18”, high sensitivity paper cones with Alnico magnets. They were designed for pro audio / musical instruments so handle a ton of power, yet they also have remarkable bandwidth. I used them for a long time as a 2-way, crossed to a TAD compression driver (including the Showco horns also for sale!!).

They work great on open baffle. It took me a while to figure out the noise they produced was my wall shelf vibrating - from my 1.5 watt SET amps.


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Get it Woody! I'd love to see how you'll integrate the EH500 in a cabinet.
Me too - regarding cabinets this was what I came up with a few years ago. These roughly 6cf monsters included the Showco horns, TD-4001 compression drivers, and TAD 1601 woofers. The cabinet is baltic birch plywood tongue-and-grooved into 2" Sapele hardwood at every joint. Not an easy construction process - or glue up!