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I need a PT with about 300 0 300v @ about 120ma, 5v/6.3v taps. OPT's in the 8ohm/5k with or without UL taps. Yeah I could buy new from Edcor. Just trying to avoid the wait. Doesn't matter if they look like they went through WWII. Actually those might be preferred. :)
Just PM me.


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Oooo, whatcha got cookin?
Something very simple. I have a choice of a few different tube combos.
AES has your back on the OPT:

Did I mention that a pair are less than $30?

(this is the same OPT that Dave Gillespie used for the DGSE-1 rework of the Magnavox 8600)
I'm thinking about those. I do have a PT but, the voltage is a little high. I would have to choke/resist it a bunch.
Still looking? I have a pair of UTC 350-0-350 transformers out in the garage. I'll have to hunt for the paperwork but I marked 700VCT on them and labeled the connections. If your interested I'll put one on a Variac and measure it.