I'm reviewing two Iso Acoustic products: Iso-Pucks and Gaia IIIs.

Back story... A few years ago, my audio pal, Sam, loaned me a Luxman tube power amp and a controller amp along with a pair of Nordost cables. Combined retail value was close $16,000. Something I'd never spend, but nonetheless I got to run them with a pair of Proac Tablette Anniversary speakers. This was THE best stereo I've ever had in my possession ever. Absolutely lovely to listen to. Good solid separation that was clear and distinct. Low volume bass was beautiful. There was no mud that I could detect. My vinyl never sounded better... ever.

After a few months it was time to return the components to Sam. He'd been really generous with a good long-term loan. After returning his equipment I hooked the Proacs back up to my Primaluna Classic and Nordost Red Dawns. Sadly, the low volume bass was essentially gone. The separation was there, but not nearly as clear as before. It was muddy.

My speaker stands are made of stainless steel and have solid brass toes that sit on a tile floor. They are also hollow. If I place a hand on one of the stands while playing music, I can definitely feel a lot of vibration. I rolled some tubes to see if I could get some bass back (KT88s back to EL34s) and tried a few pairs of 12AX7s to see if I could get some clarity back. The changes were minimal. I then began toying with filling the stands with something to deaden the vibration but hadn't settled on a material. Got busy with puppies and other life commitments and really just accepted what I had.

Then Sam called and said "Hey, come on over and help me install some new pucks I just bought to go between my speakers and stands." I said "Sure." We listened to a few pieces of music that each of us knew well and then slapped in the Iso-Pucks. WOW! Sam's got a really kick ass system as it sits, but the pucks definitely cleaned things up even more. As soon as I got home, I weighed my speakers, got online and ordered a set of eight. My speakers are relatively light, so I was able to get away with the smallest in their line. Which was cool because they were the least expensive too at $100 for a set of eight (four for each speaker). I read the return policy to ensure I could return them if it turned out to be snake oil.

They arrived a week later, and I got them into my system right away. OMG! The difference was stunning! Low volume bass was back; although, I can't tell you why. I don't understand the physics behind them. Clarity was MUCH better by a long shot. Sam loved his, so he ordered a set of feet for the bottoms of his stands. I jumped on the band wagon and decided I would too. Weighed my speaker and stand together and again I was able to get away with the smallest set in their line. They were a bit more expensive at about $320 for a set of 6. Once they arrived, I got them installed and fired up the amp. My wife was home, so I put on some music that she knew well. I was surprised when she said she could immediately hear an improvement. I could too. I'm definitely keeping them. At a total cost of a bit more than $420 they were well worth the cost, IMO. If you have a vibration issue you might consider them...
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I am a big fan of isoAoustics and use Gaia's on almost all my gear.
I had no idea they existed till Sam got them. I was skeptical if they would even do anything. Seems like there are all kinds of silly tweaks out there. I was prepared to send them back. You couldn't pry them away from me now. Do you use them on components as well?

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I had no idea they existed till Sam got them. I was skeptical if they would even do anything. Seems like there are all kinds of silly tweaks out there. I was prepared to send them back. You couldn't pry them away from me now. Do you use them on components as well?
Yes. Mostly Orea indigo’s in 3’s under my components as my gear is on the heavy side. Also 5 Bordeaux’s each under the Stax Monoblocks. Currently using spikes on my speakers but have used Gaia II and III in the past on others. When I built the custom plinth for my now gone SP-10mkII. I used 4 Gaia III’s and upgraded to II’s soon after. I also use Stage 1’s for a custom wood case for my RT-707 and had plans to use stage 1 shelves for other applications but am currently reassessing that. Like I said, all in.
Also a fan of Isoacoustics stuff. Using the mini pucks under my tube phonostage and using Gaia IIIs under my speaker stands (speaker rigidly bolted to the top plates).

Previously used mini pucks under some KEF LS50s and a subwoofer stand under a JL D108, both of which helped a good deal with imaging and bass resolution.
I just bought a set of 4 of the indigos for my modded Lenco. It was actually more of an attempt to tame the extreme sensitivity to the bouncy old floors making the record skip any time a guest looked at it wrong (I've learned to tiptoe) and unfortunately it only helped a bit in the regard- but I was surprised to find that there was an observable difference in the sound, so I kept them!
I have been progressively introducing Isoacoustic products to my system.

First, the Gaias and carpet spikes under my stereo loudspeakers. Since moving house, the imaging of my system hadn’t been what it was in the bigger room at the old place. The Gaias restored imaging back to what I remember it being.

Next, I tried a set of Mini Pucks to support other hifi components. I was impressed enough with the results to buy a set of Oreas for a heavy component, a Linn DSM and more Mini Pucks for others. Overall, there is sharper cleaner sound from streaming. I also have surround audio (four channel only) from a Sky satellite tv box and a Roon ROCK NUC. These seem to have benefited, too.

I am tempted to buy another set of Gaias for the surround speakers and more Mini Pucks for power supplies.