It Has Arrived!


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It appears someone got a new record player.
I can't wait to read what was first record played on it.


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I had a very strong feeling this would be one of the changes. Should be great! What cart goes on there?


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I thought that when you guys went shopping may have been when it was ordered.
We were really just kind of tooling around Detroit...all the while talking about the relative (potential) merits of this turntable vs what we already had.

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First observation from just unpacking. This is NOT just another Rega. This is not a tweaked RP8. This is something different.

As a long time Rega fan and owner, (P3, P25, RP6, P7 and P9), this is a totally different Rega experience. With Rega, you could admire the performance they gave for the price, but you were always aware of the fact that corners were cut, and the savings were often a bit too obvious. It never effected the listening experience, but using it, or even looking at it, could lead to not the greatest pride of ownership. This was actually what lead to me selling my RP6.

The Planar 8 is something else again. It feels so well engineered, so completely thought it, it's hard to believe it's a Rega. It's early yet, but I am seriously impressed with what they have created.

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What doesn't come out in the pictures is just how small it is. It's TINY. With the platter in place, it's almost like there is no plinth. Platter and arm. That's it.

A large Tim's coffee for comparison.