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I have noticed a trend here on the Haven. Our members quietly go about deciding which new component is going to work well for them and after due diligence, purchase it. I like that. In other neighborhoods, it seems that it is always put up for public debate. IMHO, the decision to spend serious coin on a product is difficult enough without complicating it with so many different opinions. I am thrilled you found your TT nirvana Erik. You have done well my friend. Enjoy it!
Thank you!

I'm hoping it's TT nirvana ( as compared to Nirvana on the TT).

I'll have more concrete info tonight. I'm taking a bit of a flyer on it, as it's so new, and very few people have actually heard it. I'm the first from my dealer, and likely one of the first in the country. But I really like the engineering direction Rega has taken with it, and I'm confident putting my money where my mouth is. Plus, I've spent so much time over the past years listening to almost everything, new and old, that I've gotten pretty confident in my own decisions.


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I don't think I see it as beautiful, but certainly impressive. And it feels of quality, and true, cutting edge engineering, the way no other Rega product has.

Performance? More to come!
Even from photos it looks to me like Rega has made the biggest leap in a long time, though I'd guess the Niaid was in fact the leap and this is the more general application of the lessons.


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The PM must be some kind of bad influence. I may be making a change as well, but if it comes to pass it will not be possessing the cutting edge design concepts of the P8. Ease of use primarily, and value hopefully are the goals. With decent sound quality of course. If things work out, I'll start a thread.


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Actually, it's a brand new arm. It's the new Rega 880. And it's lovely.
Read up and the 880 is the same family as the 330, but with much tighter tolerances on the bearings.
It may have improved wiring too. My 330 was rewired with better Cardas wire and clips by Moth.
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