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A few shots from my first roll with a new experiment. A few years ago I picked up some blank boards for my Rolleiflex SL66 and last week finally got around to mounting something on one of them. This is the Taylor Cooke Hobson 5.15" (130mm) f6.5 Series III in a Bausch and Lomb phenmatic shutter that formerly resided on a J. Lizars "Challenge" rollfilm camera from Glasgow, Scotland circa 1900. The camera was missing important bits and the film size is thoroughly obsolete so no chance of shooting with it.

The shoot was fun and I'll do another very soon now I know all's working and I have an idea of what it does and doesn't do. Shot on HP5, All shots at f11 or 16 as those looked to me to be the "meat and potatoes" stops for the lens.

It makes me happy to see something back to work after probably a good part of a century of being fallow.
_DSC2511.jpgSL66 HP5 0521b 001.jpgSL66 HP5 0521b 003.jpgSL66 HP5 0521b 004.jpgSL66 HP5 0521b 006.jpgSL66 HP5 0521b 006.jpgSL66 HP5 0521b 006.jpgSL66 HP5 0521b 010.jpgSL66 HP5 0521b 011.jpgSL66 HP5 0521b 012.jpg
Going through some old work. I've been a published photographer/videographer for over 25 years and worked for Gannett working with daily print, magazines etc and shooting everything from People profiles, concerts, and sports. I now mostly shoot nature as it's relaxing, and there's no deadlines or editors breathing down my back.

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