Jam Band CD's as Swallow Repellent


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The battle with the swallows, over who controls the side of the house, ended today.
Every five minutes, a squadron was packing mud onto the stucco. I'd wash it off, go back around front to turn the hose off, and, there would be new mud just stuck on, again. Process starts over...
We hosted them and their babies last year, and the side of the house, and the plant below it, and the window, ended up getting white washed in poop. That isn't going to happen this year.

So, a bunch of Zero CD's were side drilled, and fishing line strung, and a new gable ends soffet decor was created.



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Kimock approves, assuming you’ve backed them up :). When I moved to Cali in 95, my Ohio jam band friends (the ones who took me to my first dead shows and got me into dat) were just getting into Zero. I made sure to let them know every time I saw them (or kvhw/Kimock and friends) live :). The birds here are attempting to build their annual nest in the plastic wreath on the front door. I let it go until they scare the crap out of me then it comes down.
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Yeah,... but not physically backed up here; I'm not a big fan. But, I did load tham all to LMA.
I had moved them into a shoe box while debating on what to do with them. Then, the swallows arrived.