July 23 SMAC, the best SMAC Ice Cream meet.


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Debora and Dale will host the July meeting on Saturday, July 22nd, 2023, 1 PM to 6PM or??... meaning stay as late as you wish.

System One - ANALOG: This is my main ANALOG listening system located in the formal living room. System content: VPI scout turntable with the Hana ML moving coil cartridge and Musical Fidelity V3x phono stage. The turntable setup was done by Ken Maestro in June. This year Jones-Morse Audio will debut its "Moxie" branded DIY pre-amplifiers. "Moxie Copper" is fitted with Gold Lion 6922 tubes and paired with Jones-Morse Audio "Cooper" DIY 50 Watt Tube monoblock amps (with all Gold Lion tubes and using a mu follower driver stage). The speakers are 2nd generation JBL Jubal (L65) speakers. A pair of JBL L166 are also available. Digital Media is supported with a Pioneer Elite CD player. The room has some but minimal treatments but measures well.

System Two - DIGITAL (& Analog now!): This system is located in my home cinema/music room. This is mainly DIGITAL but now with an analog capable system. This room is heavily treated with GIK Acoustics and DIY sound absorption panels. yielding a reverb time in the room of about 250 mS above 400hz.

Digital system content: Yamaha Aventage RA-2000 (pre-amp, signal processing) with two additional Yamaha (MX -1000 and & 800) power amps to drive the L/R channels and Subs. In “Theatre Mode” the speakers' arrangement includes; Klipsch in-wall IW-250 speakers for Front L/R and Center; Klipsch in-wall IW-150 speakers for the Front presence and L/R side and rear surround speakers. In “STEREO Mode" the system switches to L/R Belle Klipsch speakers retrofitted with the Crites upgrades including, new crossover, new driver for the squawker (midrange), and new tweeter driver and horn. Both modes are supported with a DIY subwoofer with two Audio Concepts DV-12s and 4 tuning ports.) Digital media is the primary source on this room and is supported with the Oppo 205. Video is processed with a Sharp 17000 DLP projector (3D capable). I use this system for movies and SACD.

Analog Content: New this year, is the addition of Analog capabilities primarily for pairing with the Crites upgraded Belle Klipsch speakers. Depending on interest I hope to be able to switch to a 2 channel analog system. The turntable is a Technics SL1600 MK2 with a Shure V15 Type 5 cartridge updated with the Jico stylus recently set up by Ken Maestro. The system will use a Cambridge Audio MM Phone stage. It will include a Jones-Morse Audio DIY "Moxie Blue" preamp and monoblock amplifiers all fitted with Electro- Harmonix tubes.

Weather permitting we build a "Kegger" system on the deck. I'll seed the system if needed with Yamaha 3090 and my rehabbed DCM speakers, but club members are already volunteering gear.
Thanks for posting.

Sadly I'll miss this. But happily I'll be up north for the week on Lake Michigan.

Enjoy yourselves and the ice cream.