Just wanna step up and say Hi from Sweden!

Thank You very much!
Been lurking around this forum for a long time finally decided to become a member,nice and friendly environment and lots of knowledge people,hoping it will be an experienced journey!

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Hej, Gegge.

Wow. That's some nice stuff!
I think we need to get some details.

What part of Sweden are you from?
Thank You all for the welcome and here are some system details:

Full function preamps:
Audible Illusions M3A-JC Gold Card,
2 X Precision Fidelity C7A(upgraded caps & resistors)

Line preamps:
AudioLive Tube Line Drive(swedish made),
Transcendent GG(upgraded parts),
Pass DIY B1buffer stage

Power amps:
Audion Silver Night 300B 20TH/hardwired (with Lundahl transformers),
Welborne DRD 300B Terraplane,
Sun Audio SV 2A3 (upgraded parts),
Almarro A318B(upgraded coupling caps)
Pass Labs Aleph 3

Audio Note AN CD2.1X/II,
Lector CDP 7TL,
Tube Technology CD Fusion

TT 1 :Scheu Premier II/80-Reed 3P arm,
TT 2 :Opus 3 Continuo Mk I-Moerch UP4/ 9"-red and blue arms for mono
TT 3: Opus 3 Continuo Mk I-Eminent Technology ET-2 arm with Wisa pump and DIY tank
Extra tonearms:
The Wand,
Well Tempered Classic Mk IV,
Hadcock GH 228

Dynavector xx2,London/Decca Gold vdh,47 Labs McBee,Van den Hul Colibri xgw,Lyra Delos,Shelter 501 MkII,Benz Micro ACE red LOW,Denon 103 & 103R,Stanton 881 S,Grado Signature 8MR,Kiseki Blue Silver Spot,Hana SL MONO.
Latest addition: Transfiguration Axia S

Croft MM RIAA (Special for London/Decca-33Kohm),
Dynamic Precision DPR 2.2

SUT: DIY Lundahl LL1942

2 X Revox PR99 Mk 3,
2 X TEAC A3300SX,
1 x Revox A700 ( all 2-track)

Speakers: Audio Note AN/E DII
upgraded with AN HEMP woofers and AN
silver coil tweeters and silver wiring.

Cables: DIY military grade silver over copper for speakers and interconnects and SUPRA LoRad mains cables
....and I probably forgot some bits and pieces?
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Small world,I was born in a small town not far from Sthlm( when my parents divorced my father moved to Sthlm)
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Hi and thank You,the Tube Technology cd is a piece of equipment I never will get rid of, it showed me that digital could sound good and still holds its place against the other two´s.