Kestrel Hot Rod near Chicago

Among the few Meadowlarks appearing in recent months, but sadly too far from me. Posted on eBay only for local pickup from La Grange, IL outside Chicago. In Cherry, it looks pretty nice.
Thanks for sharing. Other than a few transmission line designs, and perhaps a (very) few additional offerings out there, Meadowlark Kestrels and Shearwaters are the few speakers I would consider wpurchasing these days (save for any surprise windfall of cash to play with).

These aren’t in my neighborhood but I think
It’s awesome folk post these notifications for others.
Count me among those who were interested, but just couldn’t hack the distance. Yeah, someone got a bargain. Too bad for the seller though. Had he been willing to ship he would have gotten a lot more interest.


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I am local. I was so close to buying them, but then again, I have several pairs of speakers already, some of which one might say are substantially better performers. I really had to restrain myself from pushing the bid button!