Klipsch HD Wireless Wisa system 5.1


This one requires a bit of an explanation, this is the Klipsch HD wireless WISA system. It consists of 2 front floorstanding speakers, a center channel, two rears and a subwoofer and a control hub. The speakers are wireless and us WISA technology. Its an interesting wireless tech and the sound is incredible.

I actually have 2 Klipsch hubs and a aftermarket Axiim hub. The Axiim hub is like $1200 or so retail.

I would like to sell the whole package for $2000. You must pick it all up here in Southern NJ. Original retail was $6000 plus the Axiim hub on top of that.

I will say wireless can be a little fickle from time to time...the system works, but if you read on the forums, it can drop a speaker connection from time to time, its simple to reconnect but I want to be completely transparent. This affect nearly all wireless products that use WISA in my personal experience.

Pics will be added shortly.

I am not really looking for trades, but if you have interesting SET tube amps, or some Tannoy, I could be persuaded...