Kudos to Topping Customer Service


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I can’t let an opportunity go by to recognize great customer service. I recently purchased a Topping D50s upon their assurance it would work with Mac and Roon. I’m not a person with computer skills and don’t want to be. Topping may have misunderstood my concerns about Roon compatibility or it may have been me. Roon does not discover Topping D50s. Anyway, Topping offers a 30-day return guarantee for pretty much any reason. I requested a return.

They were fantastic, emailing a postage paid shipping label back to Oakland, CA where they have a US presence and refunded my money immediately upon receipt of the return. Kudos to Topping for a great customer service experience.


Next Round Is On Me
Great customer service should be recognized and talked about. Too often people only write reviews when something goes bad.