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For Sale: listing exclusively here first. LEAK STEREO 50 amp - 1958 date code. Fully restored by Stereo Rehab in Chicago. See description of the work (in the last photo). See the bottom-view photos for the restoration work. Check the reputation of Stereo Rehab. Components on top plate left in place for originality. Sold without tubes, other than the JJ rectifier, if desired. This amp deserves your favorite 12AX7 and EL34 tubes. HFH price: $1450 + shipping. If you feel like that is high, let's discuss. If not sold in a week or so, will list more broadly at $1595.

There is some oxidation and marks on the transformer tops. See photos for details of condition of amp. The mentioned warranty recently expired, and this is sold without warranty, as per usual with used vintage equipment. The banana adapters shown in the photos are a free bonus and come off if the original screw terminals are preferred (they are a bit loose at the moment, but can be tightened).


Power output 25 watts per channel, harmonic distortion 0.1% at 1000 cps for 20 watts output, hum and noise 80db below 20 watts. Sensitivity 125 millivolts for 20 watts output. Frequency response 20 to 20,000 cps +/- 0.5 db. dampening 23 at 1000 cps. Output impedence 3 to 20 ohms. Tubes are 3-EEC83, 4-EL34, 1-GZ34. 100-120 volts. 50-100 cycles.

“Those amps just drip classic, and they are built beautifully, as well. They fetch very high prices from the fetishists. With those, I would urge originality if there is any way.”

“They say the secret to [the vintage Leak] amps are the transformers, all beautifully English made and an art that's been long lost, except for some Japanese exotic transformer winders like Tango or Canadian Plitron.”

Feel free to ask questions.


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Does anybody recognise the no name brand polyester coupling caps ??. Im just curious as I have seen these for sale ov various auction sites.