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I have been asked to do a M50 with a white light, I normally use green.
What colour is the most relaxing and which colour is most liked.


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I like blue, and close second is a warm red. In all cases, the colour itself is not as significant as the annoyance factor of LEDs that are too bright. My desktop rig, for my computer audio, is powered by a small DAC/amp, a Musical Paradise MP-302. It works a treat, but the blue LED shines out the window, opposite, and lights up the side of the house next door, at night, if I forget to turn it off.


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Blue is nice, but oh so many lumens. If you use blue, you need to put an inline resistor in place to drop the voltage.

I prefer green or red, personally. White is right out.
I dislike bright blue with a passion--so many devices have them now, I can almost light a completely darkened room if all the blue LEDs are on in my family room (computer, monitor in standby, printer/scanner, network switches, HDMI switcher, various things resting on their chargers for the night...it's endless). Some audio components had them, but I've weeded them out now. My stats also have a blue power LED on the front, but it's very tiny and it's muted, to where I can barely see it. (The top rear of the bass enclosure also has an illuminated blue "ML" logo, but that is low-key also.) That's fine. It's not so much the color blue, but the brightness of these that bothers me.

Green is a softer color and amber is warmer (my C-J preamp has amber input selector LEDs and volume level digits). Red is OK but with my eyesight, it comes out more as a blur when I see it in darkness. White is good...as long as it's not blindingly bright. Why can't we get more designer colors like turquoise, chartreuse, burnt umber, pewter grey or clarified butter? 😁


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Doing a few test and the light angle seems to a role in one spot instant migraine and other can be seen in the kitchen, I have to find the right balance, its now bugging me.


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I like the green you already have in there. Green means all is well, and doesn't blast your peripheral vision.

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I like green; ready, go, and not so ice-pick in the forehead as blue or white in a dim room. Red is 'stand-by' or warm-up on some of the electronics I have around.
The font colour of your signature, for instance?
I'm going to call it "Fiesta Orange." 😁 I was listening to Al Stewart's "Red Toupee" over the weekend--that might have had some influence on my choices above. I'm also now thinking I should find some LEDs in the color Borrego Beige or Champagne Gold since they would go better with my C-J preamp. No...wait...it's the car that's Borrego Beige (Metallic)...

Red is 'stand-by' or warm-up on some of the electronics I have around.
Here's an odd one. My preamp has all amber (orange?) LEDs, including the volume level digits, but the standby LED next to the power button is red. On the phono stage that was designed around the same time, the only LED on the front, indicating power on, right next to the power button....is red. Dimwit that I am, I can glance over and think the phono stage is in standby when it's actually on and ready to play. And somehow, the universe isn't in balance because of this...


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OK I found some Ultra Violet LED,s and this will help other's get a selected area sun tan and may help with S.A.D. problems.
So buy a amp that plays music and gives you sun burn, cool. And be relaxed mmmmmm Mungo Jerry comes to mind.