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If you want something like an Eames Lounge Chair that isn't as ubiquitous, there's the Kipp Stewart designed Drexel Declaration lounge chair. I've never actually seen one in person but had a dresser from this series. It was exceptionally well built. Sadly had to sell it during my recent move.

The wooden wings might not be the best for sound reflections but... its still pretty cool.

Ain’t similar lines are the Plycraft chairs inspired by the Eames 670. The wooden wind wings are not quite as pronounced.
That's just makes me tempted to get one for guests. I've been trying to talk my owner in to letting me replace our (very worn) dining chairs with DCW. No joy.

Oh, that is nice. Do you know if there was ever a proper matching ottoman? That looks like it oozes comfort.
The sculpted arms are flat on top but curved in every direction. I really like the way if feels under my arms. The seat is just the right angle and uses rubber webbing and horsehair/foam for padding. I am not aware of a dedicated ottoman, but I am searching for one that looks like it would work. Mobler probably made an ottoman that matched this and other chairs. Mine is in black (leather or pleather, I need to get the seat rebuilt and fill find out then) with rosewood. They also come in other woods but I suspect the rosewood is the top grade. Typical prices run about $3,000 online auction or retail store.

They are not the most common chair out there but if you like the style and scale there are a variety of Scandinavian chairs from the late 50s to early 60s in this genre.

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It's possible to overthink this question as it's all a bit subjective.
We have three Ekornes "Stressless" Reno chairs. One each for us and one for any visitor, any more than one, they have to sit on the sofa.


We use them for everything. They're also excellent to fall asleep in, either listening or watching TV, or in my case, supposedly paying attention to what my wife is saying.
There is no guarantee that that ottoman came with that chair. If you wanted the chair, I would find the chair you wanted and separately search for a matching or compatible ottoman. I would suspect the ottoman being sold with the chair below is closer to the truth. Vante Mobler sold a number of chairs, so they may have had ottomans for purchase separately. If this were a Fredrik Kayser dedicated ottoman, I would expect the style and quality of construction to be similar. This ottoman does not. The 711 chair was not inexpensively built.



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No, but not much evidence there ever was a matching piece. May be as good as I can get.


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I only have 2 criteria for my listening chair.

1. The back only comes up to my shoulder blades so I can hear the entire room.

2. It is comfortable.

That's it. Ugly. Bulky. Or anything else don't matter to me. Anyway the wind blows........


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You can have this for 900 bucks
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Looks elegant. Super comfortable for something so light. It is easy to pick up and move around.

You’re right - the ottoman makes it.
Looks like they were made for each other. Rosewood lightens in the sun. Sanding back should help darken a little, but a little red brown dye should even it up before being oiled.

It would be nice to run a matching bead of piping around the cushion perimeter when you reupholster to reinforce the similarity with the chair.

Now I have to a Find a Rosewood Spottrup that fits my budget. Fortunately my chair is black.

Edit: I found one. Someone was selling one with an unmatched Chair on Ebay. I asked if he would sell it separately and he made an offer too good to resist.
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The big black chair? I was going to ask if they’d separate too, but another listing popped up that I bought instead. Judging by the price on the combo I bet you got a really good deal on it.