Live classical music in a COVID world.


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Die Berliner Philharmoniker nehmen den digitalen Konzertsaal ernst.
(The Berlin Philharmonic is serious about digital concert hall.)

Some months ago I posted in the Covid thread about a trial deal for concert video recorded live by the Berlin Philharmonic. I signed up for the trial at the time and yesterday received a new offer by mail.

They have a 2020/21 season planned, with guest conductors and soloists. From what I see it's going to be filmed in 4K and also available thru apps from the App Store, Google Play, Micro$oft, Amazon, and Roku Channel Store. Also available for smartphones and tablets. Looks like they have most of the bases covered.

I'm quite impressed by the quality of the mailout - lovely 58 page booklet outlining the coming season. There's weekly and monthly tickets, monthly subscriptions, and a 12 month ticket. I'm probably going to use my free 7 day ticket next May for Mahler's 9th Symphony.

More information is here: The Berliner Philharmoniker’s Digital Concert Hall