Looking for info on Seeburg HFCV2-8 wall speaker

Hey all,

As the title says, I'm trying to scrounge up information on some old Seeburg speakers that a friend of mine wound up with and offered up to me. Based on photos and a bit of Googling I was able to surmise the model, not much info out there though. Made in the 50s, 8 inch driver. Wall mounted speakers used remotely for jukeboxes. That's about it. Reading through some later history of Seeburg suggests that they didn't make their own drivers but had other companies make them, such as Altec and Utah in the later years.

Figure if anyone knows about these lil' guys it would be someone around here. Will probably play around with them either way since they are free but won't get my hands on them for a few weeks and my curiosity is strong! Thanks for any leads!