Lounge Audio LCR III Phono Preamp- Build and Review Thread - The Doorway Giant Killer?

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I just pulled the sale of my Lounge stack. May have the Copla get a bypass for MM at some point. I really love this Phono pre. It does so much right and truly punches above its weight class. If not for my future plans to run 2 tables and wanting 1 Phono pre with 2 inputs. I would gladly stay with the Lounge stack in my system.


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We spent some quality time listening tonight to my trusty (and cheap) DL-103 via the preamp and an SUT. Impressions were very favorable.

More to come... anon.


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We spent some quality time listening tonight to my trusty (and cheap) DL-103 via the preamp and an SUT. Impressions were very favorable.

More to come... anon.
What were you using before? I've been really curious about this phono pre. Maybe I should sign up.


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OK, finally, kinda-sorta, getting serious about 'reviewing' this adorable little giant-killer phono preamp. 😐

My plan (as much as I have one -- being left-handed, easily-distracted, und so weiter, und sofort) is to focus on one, or a very small number, of pretty good sounding tracks and evaluate them with a few of the rather embarrassingly large (not necessarily distinguished though) phalanx of phono preamps, SUTs, and head amps (OK, only one of the latter here, a Hagerman Piccolo), capturing at least some salient results -- as best I can -- digitally. :smoke

The one true track that I am using?

The Marvelous Toy
by Peter, Paul and Mary, as found on their album Peter Paul and Mommy.
Don't laugh if you haven't heard it; it's rather superb, actually, at least on vinyl :)


Startin' out with the venerable (redoubtable ;)) DL-103 via a little SUT crafted by Gary Kaufman* using some little Allied transformers he picked up somewhere along the line

Listening to a freshly cleaned (dump find) Peter Paul and Mommy as I type this.
Warm and rich and flesh-and-bloody through the Frankenaltecs, it is.
* He himself a bit venerable and redoubtable. :)


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The aforementioned SUT, for posterity's sake.

Gary Kaufman's handiwork.
www.the-planet.org (his old website is bruised but unbroken -- Gary spends more time fiddlin' with vintage computers nowadays than hifi, though)

There's also an @Redboy SUT here for comparative purposes, as well as a coupla others.
Stay tuned.
I love mhardy6647's Pioneer rack. I had one of those and gave it a friend who sold it and its lost to the abyss. There is a guy in Hungary making copies which he says are even better. But to get them here you need to spend about $1,000. The originals bring 400 to 600 on fleabay easily.

So I bought a used Chatsworth server rack and am going to cut it down and mod it .

My wife is so sweet. She said, "why don't you just buy the one from Hungary??" She was safe saying that because she knew I wouldn't.😅


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By an odd quirk of fate, I actually have two of those ol' Pioneer racks; the other one is holding odds and ends down in the basement.
They're actually a bit flimsy -- at least forty years on (apropos of the comment of the modern Hungarian racks).


That is a nice little gold mine. The Sheff units bring about $250 to 300 dollars each and I count about six of them. The racks bring about
400 to the 850 the hungarian guy wants.

A lot of people are collecting Pioneer and Kenwood "silver" I am going to sell my TX 9500 II tuner and my Spec 4 power amp.

Have you tried tightening the "cam locks" that hold them together.
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