Magic moments.


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Wait.... How did I miss Paul @Deli joining the Haven! Welcome aboard old friend, it has been WAY too long! Last time we chatted I think was in your neck of the woods!


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Good to be here. Looks like a lot of the cream is here. I like cream.
... and I like ice cream -- and it is ice cream season in New England!
(did you know that Massholes Bay Staters eat the more ice cream per capita than do the residents of any other state... or commonwealth, for that matter?)

:confused: :smoke

No, seriously, just had some sweet cream ice cream atop a little warm rhubarb crisp. Very Northern New England -- and very yummy, to boot.


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I feel like I’m among royalty here.

Great to see some classic names here. It’s a nice family.
Nah, you're definitely royalty, always have been, always will be! I just bopped back into this thread and there you were. Supoib!