Making first reflection point absorbers

I made four 2' x 4' sound absorbent panels using OC703 for my listening room. I covered the absorbent material with white muslin but that looked too bland.

So I painted them while waiting for the urethane to dry on the frames this morning.


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Looks good. I have been discussing this with one of my sister's that does some amazing paintings.
I just need to get the frames made and covered, and she's on board.


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Yep. So beneficial vs the relatively minimal investment of time and money. Do you have a carpet on the floor?
Yes two throw rugs on the floor. I have a 4' x 8' sheet of OC703 which I'll cover with the white muslin and attach to the ceiling. I'm also building two Depot Diffusers for doors on the record cabinet on the back wall.
Thanks guys. The room needs to be cleaned up and speakers put in the proper placement. That will be done by 10 tomorrow morning then I can get to the GM70.