FYI Mandatory Read! Regarding PayPal Friends payments.

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Just a friendly reminder to all those posting sales threads. I would like to point you towards rule number 2.

2. When offering PayPal as a form of payment, HiFi Haven does not condone or allow the use of the "Friends & Family" option to avoid paying PayPal its rightful service charge. Remember that buyer protection is NOT provided by PayPal when using the "Friends & Family" payment service

I have PM’d a few folks already but I really don’t want to keep doing that. This post will remain up for a few days and then be deleted. Please edit your threads accordingly.
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I am bringing this sticky back but making some public amendments to this post.

1. I will no longer be reaching out to individuals because to be honest, some folks get offended when being reminded of the rules that they agreed to in order to post here. Or worse, threaten to take their baseball and go home. I really do not want to offend anyone nor want you to leave over what I deem a gentle reminder.

2. This rule will now be strictly enforced moving forward from this date. There will be no excuses and I will simply refer you here. Be mad but do not say you were not warned. I am not having debates with folks over wording or intent.

3. We cannot and will not interfere with how you are paid. That is between the parties in the transaction. If you choose to be paid in bottle caps as currency, that is your prerogative. What we are stating, clearly for full disclosure, is that we cannot allow it stated in your AD that you accept a form of payment that violates our clearly stated rule. This is to separate the Haven from any liability for evading fees or taxes.

4. I will work with anyone on corrections of ads posted prior to this post. Any ads posted after will not be tolerated and may simply be deleted if you are deemed egregious in your violation of the rule. It is exhausting and seriously unnecessary. Police yourself so we don’t have to.

We don’t have a lot of rules on the haven. We don’t want to be that kind of place. But we do ask that our members be respectful and just good neighborly audio friends. Let’s keep it light and follow this request, please.

- Ron aka S0undDragon. Circus hand extraordinaire
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