Marantz 8 Amplifier SOLD

For sale is a Marantz 8 (not 8b). I have owned and used this amp for many years and its time for a New home. I have decided to just concentrate on my DIY stuff instead of Vintage Consumers pieces. When I got it had a lot of leaky caps so I recapped it using Nichicon QXP film caps( Terry Dewick recommend) and brand New Electroylytics for the PSU. Its in excellent shape and sounds Great. Cosmetically its a 8.5-9 out of 10. There is a little dulling of the paint on the top due to someone shipping it and putting a piece of cardboard on top with out any cloth in between. Also the power cord will need to be changed soon as it is cracking. Any question contact me. $2500 OBO Local Pick Up in NYC area.


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Thats a very nice amp.
Too bad about the top.
I bet it will sell quickly.
The 8 isn't as popular as the 8B. I don't know why. The 8 is pretty much a stereo 5 and uses the same exact transformers as the 5. And 5's are super popular. Its a weird world.
Its a Great amp and I really loved the look of it but I decided to go back to my roots of DIY stuff. I will use the funds to buy transformers and some vintage theater equipment. Knowing me I will probably buy that amp again sometime in the future.