Markus Klug MK1005B Horns

If I recall they both go down to 500hz but the 15 cell fills the room a bit more than the 10 cell which are more directive towards the listener.


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Nope. Still have a few things to wrap up including crossovers and horn sleds.

Temps over 110 every weekend have been the limiting factor here...
I understand. Not as bad here in Albuquerque but bad enough to slow me down. You and I are going to get an arctic blast Wednesday. I looks forward to 65 degrees during the day.
I have the originals 1005A, but these are beautiful ! A friend got the 1505 made by Markus Klug, and he is delighted. The sound is a little more smooth than metal ones, but a bit less percussive. Difficult to chose...
Before, he had a pair of big Sato, but he love then the multi-cell... ;)
(the system is 4 way with a Pioneer active filter and all DHT triode VT52 amps, except a Cayin 500 driving 416 bass ).