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Sold McIntosh MA6100 Integrated Amp - SOLD

Has Been Sold


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I just picked this up about a month or two ago from a friend. I was going to sell it for him, but I wound up just buying it myself so I wouldn't feel pressured to get it moved for him quickly.

He had it serviced by some tech, but has lost his contact info so I can't find out exactly what was done. I'm assuming it's back to factory spec. Works fine. Sounds good. Just missing one little top cap on a binding post clip.

Brand new front face glass. Very good shape overall. This is the later model of the MA6100 with the slotted cages, not punched holes.

It's been professionally packed for safe shipping. Shouldn't cost a crazy amount to ship.

I can take Paypal, Venmo, or I can take CC's. Cash in person is always good too. I would drive a little ways if someone wanted to meet up. I'm in Wichita, KS 67213.

- Woody

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Yeah... I'm not really in a hurry to sell this one. I feel like it might be a nice addition to the living room hooked to some Altecs for the Holidays.

But if the right buyer comes along...

- Woody
The most beautiful integrated, in my opinion. I had a MA5100 once upon a time. It sounded real good for using dirty silicon devices...
I have found the new McIntosh faceplate for my 6100 to be severely lacking. The lettering doesn't look as nice when the unit is not powered on and when it is powered on the light is barely visible. Doesn't even look good in the dark. It is definitely the faceplate. The diffuser can't be installed backwards on this model and I have tried 3 or 4 sets of new bulbs with differing heights and filament placement attempting to get even distribution and nothing has worked. I haven't tried LED's yet. May be the next thing if i ever get the ambition to dig back into it. Probably wouldn't bother me so much if it weren't for the fact that the lighting of the matching MR74 tuner just puts the 6100 to shame and they don't look right sitting next to each other.